Opening School Gates to Molesters






“A 9-year-old girl studying in a BMC school at Govandi was allegedly molested in the school’s toilet by an unknown man on Thursday.

The 2nd standard student, who studies in the Urdu-medium section of Shivaji Nagar Mahapalika School, went to use the toilet at about 5.30 in the evening, half an hour before classes got over for the day.

According to her, a middle-aged man followed her in. He then put his hand on mouth to prevent her from shouting and then touched her inappropriately. While struggling to free herself, the girl managed to scream, alerting school staff who rushed in to see what had happened.

However, in the mean time, the man allegedly managed to escape.” Continue reading Opening School Gates to Molesters

Of Names and Identities


This morning’s  newspaper brought the interesting news that

“a 15-year-old Icelandic girl is suing the state for the right to legally use the name given to her by her mother.

Apparently, Iceland has specific rules regarding what names can be given to a baby. There are 1,853 female names and 1712 male names that parents can choose from. Continue reading Of Names and Identities

Crime Against Women or Political Conspiracy?

Why are rapes taking place in Haryana with such alarming frequency??

According to the Haryana State Congress chief Phool Chand Mulana, the rape of 11 women in the last one month (is) a “conspiracy to malign the government.”

“Such incidents happened earlier also, we condemn them …but no accused has been protected and all the culprits have been extended… I can say that this could be a conspiracy.” Continue reading Crime Against Women or Political Conspiracy?

A Couple of Riddles and a Blogversary

Today, I’ve decided to bore my blogging friends with a couple of riddles in Sanskrit. 🙂

No one really knows who composed these Subhaashit-riddles, they have been passed down by one generation to the next for many centuries.

See if you can guess the answers…… Continue reading A Couple of Riddles and a Blogversary