अकृत्वा परसन्तापमगत्वा खलमन्दिरम्  |

अनुत्सृज्य सतां वर्त्म यत्स्वल्पमपि तद्बहु ||

Without causing (अकृत्वा) pain to others (परसन्तापं), without going (अगत्वा) to the house of a bad person (खलमन्दिरम् ) (with any request),

and without leaving (अनुत्सृज्य) the path (वर्त्म) taken by good persons (सतां), whatever little is gained (यत्स्वल्पमपि) should be (considered) ample (तद्बहु).

Contentment has become a rare commodity nowadays. Advertisements and peer-pressure make us want more and more of everything.

The latest gadgets, newest fashions in clothes and accessories,  the flashiest cars and largest apartments- all find a place on our “have to acquire” list.

Sometimes we can afford to buy the things we covet.

Unfortunately, not all our aspirations are within our budget- and that’s when the problem starts. We cease to care what we do or whom we hurt in order to obtain what we want.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to heed the words of the Subhaashitkar, and try to be content in what we can get without causing pain to others or resorting to undignified begging?