अकृत्वा परसन्तापमगत्वा खलमन्दिरम्  |

अनुत्सृज्य सतां वर्त्म यत्स्वल्पमपि तद्बहु ||

Without causing (अकृत्वा) pain to others (परसन्तापं), without going (अगत्वा) to the house of a bad person (खलमन्दिरम् ) (with any request),

and without leaving (अनुत्सृज्य) the path (वर्त्म) taken by good persons (सतां), whatever little is gained (यत्स्वल्पमपि) should be (considered) ample (तद्बहु).

Contentment has become a rare commodity nowadays. Advertisements and peer-pressure make us want more and more of everything.

The latest gadgets, newest fashions in clothes and accessories,  the flashiest cars and largest apartments- all find a place on our “have to acquire” list.

Sometimes we can afford to buy the things we covet.

Unfortunately, not all our aspirations are within our budget- and that’s when the problem starts. We cease to care what we do or whom we hurt in order to obtain what we want.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to heed the words of the Subhaashitkar, and try to be content in what we can get without causing pain to others or resorting to undignified begging?



  1. Who doesn’t want more. No harm in aspiring to do better, but till then live within one’s means. And while wishing a better quality of life, make sure you get there by hard work and on the right path.


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