Surya Namaskar Chart





Today is Maagh shuddha saptami- Rath Saptami. It is celebrated as Surya Jayanti- birthday of the Sun God.

Following is a chart of the ten positions in the Surya Namaskar and the Mantras

The pictures are of the Sun temple at Konark, Odisha.




  1. Thank you Manju Joglekar I do the Surya Namaskaara without saying the mantra. Let me learn it now. I had forgotten it because it is many many years since I learnt it. In between I had forgotten. I have forgotten the names of the asanaas also!


    1. Sandhya, I remember you saying that you do Surya Namaskars regularly, in the post you wrote on your blog! 🙂

      My health does not let me do Surya Namaskars now. We used to teach Surya Namaskar to children in the Sanskar-vargas we conducted.


  2. I am unable to do the surya namaskar too, but know and recite the namas of Surya during my puja. The pics are useful to learn it the proper way.


  3. Manju this was very informative and linking with the verses made it even better! Suryanamaskar has such a power to heal and maintain well being.


      1. Oh yes, my parents were into yoga a lot and both were good at sirashasana. I could not do that either. I did some basic asanas, the halasana and the sarvangasana.


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