Opening School Gates to Molesters






“A 9-year-old girl studying in a BMC school at Govandi was allegedly molested in the school’s toilet by an unknown man on Thursday.

The 2nd standard student, who studies in the Urdu-medium section of Shivaji Nagar Mahapalika School, went to use the toilet at about 5.30 in the evening, half an hour before classes got over for the day.

According to her, a middle-aged man followed her in. He then put his hand on mouth to prevent her from shouting and then touched her inappropriately. While struggling to free herself, the girl managed to scream, alerting school staff who rushed in to see what had happened.

However, in the mean time, the man allegedly managed to escape.”

And how did this molester enter the school in the first place? Well, it was the Central Government UID scheme that made his entry possible.

UID registration centres, [Aadhaar card centres] have been set up in BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation schools in the city.

“The BMC has now directed Aadhaar authorities to appoint a security guard at every UID centre in the city”.

Which means that up till now, in these centres set up in elementary schools – where hundreds of strangers come and go every day for obtaining their Aadhaar cards-  there was not even one security guard.

And this in elementary schools with very young childen!

One wonders why these Aadhaar centres have been allowed to be set up in the premises of elementary schools. Why could they not be set up in BMC ward offices or offices of the State/ Central government?

 Additional Municipal Commissioner, Mohan Adtani says,  “It is a central government scheme and one cannot stop them from allowing to use BMC premises”.

Apparently it does not matter that children attending these BMC schools may be molested because of this!

After the recent horrific gang-rape, and subsequent death, of a young women in Delhi, the Central government has come up with several suggestions and schemes to increase the safety of women.

Last month the Central government launched a three-digit emergency number for women in Delhi. Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal has said that

“We will give single emergency number 181 to women across the country,”- so that it can be made a national help line for women.

But what is the point of such measures for the safety of women, if the Central government itself facilitates the entry of molesters into elementary schools where young girls study?



  1. Oh Manju, haven’t you heard of people creating the problem and then trying to solve it? Our Centre is doing just that. There is no thought to to consequences of its actions. It is an action-oriented government, see?


  2. Did the school make a token refusal at least for using their school premises for distribution of cards? Nobody in the school would have thought about the disturbance for the teaching or the safety of the children. Nobody takes any responsibility…the govt. or the teachers.

    Sometimes I feel our country doesn’t deserve female children at all! Just feel depressed of reading this type of news everyday.

    I read that in most places Post offices are used for this purpose. That is meaningful.


    1. Sandhya, even here in Mumbai there are Aadhaar card centres in Post Offices. But I think the government did not give enough publicity to those. Because there are crowds at the centres which are in the BMC school premises, while almost no one goes to the Post office centres.


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