Crime Against Women or Political Conspiracy?

Why are rapes taking place in Haryana with such alarming frequency??

According to the Haryana State Congress chief Phool Chand Mulana, the rape of 11 women in the last one month (is) a “conspiracy to malign the government.”

“Such incidents happened earlier also, we condemn them …but no accused has been protected and all the culprits have been extended… I can say that this could be a conspiracy.”

One can only say that there must be some very evil people with twisted minds indeed, if, as the Congress Chief says, they rape women just so that the Congress government will be blamed!

Khap Panchayats in the state have another astonishingly bizarre explanation. Sube Singh, a Khap representative, says-

“Boys and girls should be married by the time they turn 16 years old , so that they do not stray… this will decrease the incidents of rape.”

The Khaps have suggested that the marriageable age limit should be done away with.

If this is a valid reason then what is the explanation for the rape of very young girls – much below the age of 16 yrs – in the infamous  Apna Ghar shelter in Rohtak, Haryana? Incidently, in that case the Shelter in-charge Jaswanti Devi ( who was awarded the Indira Gandhi Nari Shakti Puraskar by the Haryana government) was hand-in-glove with the rapists. Surely this reason put forward by the Khaps cannot apply.

The All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) feels that  “low sex ratio is partly responsible for the spate of rapes in Haryana”.

AIDWA Vice President Jagmati Sangwan says that

 “The sex ratio in Haryana is so dismal that boys are not finding girls for marriage. Such factors create an environment which is unsafe for women.“

As per the 2011 census figures, the sex ratio for Haryana is 830 girls for every 1000 boys. The sex ratio for Mumbai is not very different- 838 girls for every 1000 boys. If low sex ratio is a valid reason, then why is Mumbai safer for women than Haryana?

Unfortunately one feels that none of these reasons explain the regrettable increase in incidence of rapes and other crimes against women in Haryana.

We must look for the answer elsewhere.

Could one reason be the general lack of respect for women?

Could one reason be the lack of a swift and effective justice system?

Could one reason be in the way that rape is viewed? Do people like the  Khap members not see it as the serious and heinous crime it really is?

What do you think is the reason is?



  1. The main reason would be – lack of a swift and effective justice system – although the rest are also equally responsible. As for getting them married off early, how is this going to solve the issue? If a man is not satisfied with his wife he can very well go out and rape anyone. I think these men needs a good thrashing while the women needs to get out of their self imposed prison. They need to get out and face these men with more courage.
    The Haryana men must be the most MCP’s in our country. They need to change their preception about women. Women are not sexual objects created only to satisy the urges of these men. They also need to stop bargaining with the honor of their women.

    One can write pages and pages but all one want to do is thrash these idiots 🙂


    1. Yes, really, how is getting them married off early going to solve the issue?

      I am astonished that people actually dare to justify or explain away rape in this way……….


  2. All the three possible reasons that you have cited work together, in my opinion. It’s a combination of factors, made worse by the knowledge that our criminal justice system is just not effective or quick.

    And the attitude of the society which seems quick to find reasons to justify rape:(


    1. Yes, an effective justice system would go a long way as a deterrent for rape- or for any crime for that matter. Though only a change in the attitude of society towards rape, would have a lasting and significant effect, I think.


  3. I watched in TV, Sonia visiting a rape victim’s house today morning. The girl had committed suicide 2 days back. The Haryana CM says it is conspiracy. Sonia has no reply when asked about the CM’s statement. She says Justice will take care of this issue and also says that ‘it is not that rape is happening only in Haryana!’

    Early marriage means more teenaged mothers! Female infanticide and they cry that they don’t find girls for their boys!

    First of all the rapists should be punished severely so that no one would dare do it in the future. But will it happen in India, when even women like Jaswanti Devi are involved in it? Is Sonia capable of taking action against her party CM?

    13 rapes in one month in Haryana…no action against anyone… All the three points you have listed are the reasons. Even education will not help, I think…


    1. ‘It is not that rape is happening only in Haryana!’ is a particularly objectionable remark, I think! How are rapes in Haryana justifiable just because they may be taking place in other states, too?

      I agree, mere education is not likely to make a difference in the situation- not if there isn’t a change in the mentality of people at the same time.


  4. As long as we have national women leaders who justify rape as ‘being there in other states too,’ and condone statements like it is being done to malign the Congress government, and women in charge of tiny tots abetting molestation and rape of their wards, we have no hope. The women of the state should all come out on the streets and protest and as the Kitten says, thrash the men in public. I remember the scene from Mirch Masala where the village chief’s silent wife leads the women in defiance and contempt. Women should realise their own power and who better than our most downtrodden ones in the smaller towns and villages?


    1. You know, Zephyr, I usually don’t advocate ‘coming out on the streets’. But in this situation, I agree that there is really no other solution.

      The Haryana government tacitly supports rapists. In the Apna Ghar Shelter case, the very Police Officer who was supposed to investigate the case, he himself destroyed incriminating evidence! The Justice system is virtually non-existent. And Khaps are blaming so-called ‘late marriages’ for rape.

      Women have no other option left than to come out and publicly protest and publicly shame the rapists.


  5. I think rape is a crime of violence. It is easy to injure women and children, especially when they are perceived as having no power and are not respected. I am sorry this has happened.


    1. Oh yes, Opirnia! This was particularly true in the case of abuse of children in an orphanage in Rohtak, Haryana. The administration as well as the local police were involved. Orphan children could pose no threat to them. 😦

      Good to see you here. It’s been a while. 🙂


  6. I know one thing if we have better justice system, and QUICK justice things can change the problem is no one is AFRAID of law. and someone always have a uncle or a aunt or a dad or mom who is at high position to save them..

    The officers who dont do the job properly shud be thrown out of JOB immediately not a mere suspension because again they have someone somewhere who will save them, once taken out a criminal case should go against them..

    The women organisation should be more based or made up of women who understand the problem not the Posh ladies who use the organisation for meeting up ( if you know what I mean).. how can someone belonging to a post family never faced harrassment KNOw exactly how it is for the ladies who suffer..


    1. I completely agree, Bikram, that a good Justice system will make all the difference! The rapists know that if they have some sort of influence they can escape the law.


  7. first thing we need is a good law and order system, and then some moral teaching..its not only rape only we are going down in character in all respects…patan ho raha ha poora…from the childhood , good morals should be ingrained..


    1. Yes, good morals should be taught to children. Then they will grow up to be adults with good character.

      What I find difficult to understand is why the situation should be exceptionally bad in Haryana. There seems to be a criminals- police officials-administration nexus in the state creating a conducive situation for crimes [against women in particular].


    1. I have not really read many of his statements. But I thought that his today’s statement supporting the Khap Panchayats’ views was quite discouraging.

      We are not living under Mughal rule which was, after all, an oppressive foreign rule. This is our own government which is supposed to protect us!


  8. It is not a ‘law and order’ problem only. It is more serious and deep-rooted. The society in general and males in particular, still regard women as ______machines, created for only one thing, minus their own mothers and sisters. This mindset needs to be changed and this is possible only through education and training.

    For example, all growing up males should be made to work (for minimum 3 months) in offices / institutions where their sisters / mothers are working.

    Secondly, women should unite at street / locality / village / city level against every kind of discrimination / injustice – difficult but definitely not impossible.


    1. I agree that this is not merely a problem of law and order. For a lasting change the mentality of society has to change, as you have mentioned.

      However that will take time. So until then, strong laws and implementation of laws is necessary.

      Welcome to the blog, and thanks for commenting!


  9. An act of rape may have any kind of driving force. Revenge, threat, sexual drive, lack of strict law etc. Medias glorifies an issue of rape and forgets to tell what happened to the accused later on. Sometime few people thinks that such a kind of act is an heroic act and its a way to express manliness same like husband beating his wife to show his superiority. Many factors are responsible for this in one or the other way. Unfortunately Haryana govt doesn’t bothered about all these. After all they are interested in politicising the issue to win votes. When arvind kejrival raises voice against vadra the whole govt stands for vadra’s support and no one raises their voice when it comes to a social evil called rape. Shame on their parts.


    1. I agree that this issue has been far too much politicised. No one seems to care about the victims, nor, as you have pointed out, whether the accused are sentenced or not.

      Welcome to the blog, Prathap!


  10. @manju.. Its my pleasure to be here and to take part in such a discussion. Thanks for visiting my blog. Keep visiting. 🙂


  11. Why rapes happen? …. There are many reasons, some of them have been mentioned here. And, they work in combination. There is no one-shot solution for this social crime.

    One is the conflict of cultures. On one side, we are exposed to the liberalism of the west; and on the other, here we live in a cloistered world. Then we also fight hypocrisy — watching boys and girls holding hands in family movies is okay, but not in real life!

    Another prominent reason is the latent frustrations, stemming out of various social and economic reasons. Violence is often a way these tensions are let out. For some, misbehaving with women is one way of letting out these frustrations and tensions.

    There are many forms of violence in our society; and rape is one form of extreme violence. Like I said, it has dealt with at many levels — education, social and cultural equity, strong penal deterrent etc are some ways of eradicating this social evil.


  12. Yes, indeed, there are a multitude of factors which result in an increased incidence of rape.

    As you say, it has to be dealt with at many levels. A strong justice system is one deterrent which can be used with immediate effect. Social/ cultural changes will take some time….


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