Why are rapes taking place in Haryana with such alarming frequency??

According to the Haryana State Congress chief Phool Chand Mulana, the rape of 11 women in the last one month (is) a “conspiracy to malign the government.”

“Such incidents happened earlier also, we condemn them …but no accused has been protected and all the culprits have been extended… I can say that this could be a conspiracy.”

One can only say that there must be some very evil people with twisted minds indeed, if, as the Congress Chief says, they rape women just so that the Congress government will be blamed!

Khap Panchayats in the state have another astonishingly bizarre explanation. Sube Singh, a Khap representative, says-

“Boys and girls should be married by the time they turn 16 years old , so that they do not stray… this will decrease the incidents of rape.”

The Khaps have suggested that the marriageable age limit should be done away with.

If this is a valid reason then what is the explanation for the rape of very young girls – much below the age of 16 yrs – in the infamous  Apna Ghar shelter in Rohtak, Haryana? Incidently, in that case the Shelter in-charge Jaswanti Devi ( who was awarded the Indira Gandhi Nari Shakti Puraskar by the Haryana government) was hand-in-glove with the rapists. Surely this reason put forward by the Khaps cannot apply.

The All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) feels that  “low sex ratio is partly responsible for the spate of rapes in Haryana”.

AIDWA Vice President Jagmati Sangwan says that

 “The sex ratio in Haryana is so dismal that boys are not finding girls for marriage. Such factors create an environment which is unsafe for women.“

As per the 2011 census figures, the sex ratio for Haryana is 830 girls for every 1000 boys. The sex ratio for Mumbai is not very different- 838 girls for every 1000 boys. If low sex ratio is a valid reason, then why is Mumbai safer for women than Haryana?

Unfortunately one feels that none of these reasons explain the regrettable increase in incidence of rapes and other crimes against women in Haryana.

We must look for the answer elsewhere.

Could one reason be the general lack of respect for women?

Could one reason be the lack of a swift and effective justice system?

Could one reason be in the way that rape is viewed? Do people like the  Khap members not see it as the serious and heinous crime it really is?

What do you think is the reason is?