A Couple of Riddles and a Blogversary

Today, I’ve decided to bore my blogging friends with a couple of riddles in Sanskrit. 🙂

No one really knows who composed these Subhaashit-riddles, they have been passed down by one generation to the next for many centuries.

See if you can guess the answers……

पर्वताग्रे रथो  याति, भूमौ तिष्ठति सारथिः |

चलते वायुवेगेन पदमेकं न गच्छति ||

The chariot [रथः] goes to the top of the mountain [पर्वताग्रे], (while) the charioteer [सारथिः] stays on the ground [भूमौ  तिष्ठति].

(The chariot) moves [चलते] at the speed of the wind [वायुवेगेन], (but) does not take a single step [पदमेकं न गच्छति].

So the question is- what is this chariot?


वृक्षाग्रवासी न च पक्षिराजस्त्रिनेत्रधारी न च शूलपाणिः |

त्वग्वस्त्रधारी न च सिद्धयोगी जलं च विभ्रन्न घटो न मेघः ||

He lives on the Coconut_greentop of a tree [वृक्षाग्रवासी], (but is not an eagle)[न च पक्षिराजः]. He has three eyes, but is not the one who holds a trident in his hand (Lord Shankara) [न च शूलपाणिः] .

He wears a garment of made of bark [त्वग्वस्त्रधारी], but is not an ascetic  [न च सिद्धयोगी]. He is filled with water [जलं च विभ्रन्] but is neither a jug nor a cloud [न घटो न मेघः]

The question is- who is he? [or rather, what is it?]


On a different note: This blog completes four years today. When I started blogging in September 2008, I had absolutely no expectation that I would continue for so long.

But continue, I have, – though haphazardly, with no great discipline!

Blogging has been a great experience, thanks to my fellow travellers on this blogging journey. It is a joy to discuss such a myriad of subjects with them.

Also thanks to  the delight of discovering lots and lots of interesting, informative and thought-provoking blogs.

Many, many thanks to my friends here!



    1. You don’t need to understand Sankrit to guess the answers, Bikram! I’m sure you can guess after reading the English translations- the riddles are quite easy! 🙂

      And thanks!


      1. My husband called from his office and said ‘kite’ now. He identified the coconut in the morning. He was thinking about this riddle in his car, it seems. Here, Umashankar has already replied. Great! Thank you.


  1. I’m a regular reader of your blog, but never commented until now! Congratulations on completing 4 years!! 🙂
    I think the answer to the second riddle is coconut. Not sure about the first one – maybe sun?


  2. Many, many happy returns and may a million happy words be yours! Here is what I think of those riddles:
    1. A Kite (पतंग)
    2. Cocountut (नारियल)


  3. Hey Manju, happy blogaversary 🙂 Four years is along time! Wish I would stay on to complete so many years! I thought the first one was ‘mind’ because it flies while the charioteer, the person stays grounded. The second one I guessed but it was not hard 😀

    I wish I had persisted with you to do that guest post, considering your comments have started working 😦


    1. Thanks, Zephyr! Yes, four years is a long time. I really did not think I would be blogging this long. But as I mentioned, I’m not really disciplined and do not post at very regular intervals. Mostly just when I feel like it! 🙂

      I am sure you will be blogging for many years. You never seem to be at a loss for subjects and are such an accomplished writer!

      The comment thing is very erratic. Sometimes I can post a comment on your blog, sometimes I can’t. I wish I could write a guest post on your blog, but it’s hard to be sure I will be able to post comments at that time….


  4. Sometimes,
    it flies high,
    launched thoughtfully
    with an initial wordy leap,
    and now pervades the blogosphere,
    enjoying the open skies
    and warm commenting sunlight….

    And sometimes,
    it rests on a treetop,
    cushioned against wild spammy breezes,
    by some amazing branches,
    surrounding it
    and filling it up with the
    sweet fluid of knowledge,
    so that
    those of us
    who partake of it
    are always enriched
    after sipping the post…….

    “Bloget” Sharad Shatam !


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