Today, I’ve decided to bore my blogging friends with a couple of riddles in Sanskrit. 🙂

No one really knows who composed these Subhaashit-riddles, they have been passed down by one generation to the next for many centuries.

See if you can guess the answers……

पर्वताग्रे रथो  याति, भूमौ तिष्ठति सारथिः |

चलते वायुवेगेन पदमेकं न गच्छति ||

The chariot [रथः] goes to the top of the mountain [पर्वताग्रे], (while) the charioteer [सारथिः] stays on the ground [भूमौ  तिष्ठति].

(The chariot) moves [चलते] at the speed of the wind [वायुवेगेन], (but) does not take a single step [पदमेकं न गच्छति].

So the question is- what is this chariot?


वृक्षाग्रवासी न च पक्षिराजस्त्रिनेत्रधारी न च शूलपाणिः |

त्वग्वस्त्रधारी न च सिद्धयोगी जलं च विभ्रन्न घटो न मेघः ||

He lives on the Coconut_greentop of a tree [वृक्षाग्रवासी], (but is not an eagle)[न च पक्षिराजः]. He has three eyes, but is not the one who holds a trident in his hand (Lord Shankara) [न च शूलपाणिः] .

He wears a garment of made of bark [त्वग्वस्त्रधारी], but is not an ascetic  [न च सिद्धयोगी]. He is filled with water [जलं च विभ्रन्] but is neither a jug nor a cloud [न घटो न मेघः]

The question is- who is he? [or rather, what is it?]


On a different note: This blog completes four years today. When I started blogging in September 2008, I had absolutely no expectation that I would continue for so long.

But continue, I have, – though haphazardly, with no great discipline!

Blogging has been a great experience, thanks to my fellow travellers on this blogging journey. It is a joy to discuss such a myriad of subjects with them.

Also thanks to  the delight of discovering lots and lots of interesting, informative and thought-provoking blogs.

Many, many thanks to my friends here!