Here We Stand

Here we stand here looking through the windows of your homes

watching you live your commonplace lives

reading, playing, arguing without fear

navigating your mundane troubles

relishing your ordinary joys.


Here we stand, mere shadows of what we could have been

No fault of ours was it, but just a quirk of fate-

that snatched the protective wings from around us

and threw us defenseless into a world

which dared us to survive.


We soon found a Home, but no family like yours

Only demons to kill our souls

and leave just the dry shells of what we were

Humans they could not be for how could any

human do what they did to us?


Here we stand, looking into your homes,

Hoping that you will look up

And perhaps help us to live lives like yours

Just ordinary, mundane lives

That’s all we wish for.



  1. Wow! Manju – A post that may seem different from the previous. But the anguish that is always present in your observations but presented in a different style. I always wonder about the quirk of fate. Mundane lives in so many ways but yet so different. Life can be unfair for so many and for no fault!


    1. Yes, life can be so unfair for many. It is particularly heartbreaking when we see children struggling to survive- and some unscrupulous people taking advantage of them.


  2. quirk of fate or our karma or karmic investments.whatevr the name you give it, but i totally agree with Bikram..would be bliss if we could do it.


  3. Instead of giving freebies and reservation policy, if we pull them up with proper help like basic quality education and show compassion, they also will come out to live happily with the others.

    This is a different type of post…like a poetry, Manju. Nice.


    1. Yes, basic quality education etc. should be available to all. What is needed is equality of opportunity. What a person does with that opportunity is upto him/her.


    1. More prose than poem, I’m afraid. 🙂

      Yes, life is like that. But I think something is wrong with a society that cannot take care of its children. Does not bode well for the future of our nation….


  4. Here we stand,
    unplanned in birth,
    ignored and abused in life,
    and told
    to consider ourselves lucky
    that we
    were allowed to be born at all.

    The walls keep changing,
    the roof exists in theory,
    and we are
    part of
    ledgers and registers
    that earn their keepers
    a pat on the back.

    Save the girl child,
    Save the tiger,
    Save X, Save Y,
    and we shudder
    because our hell starts
    when funds get allocated.

    The cat in our institute
    is happy
    he/she is not
    being officially saved.

    Does anyone think of saving our
    battered ,
    minds ,
    we can start believing
    in humans


  5. So beautifully said Manju and Suranga added the final touches. the mind weeps for the unfortunate ones amongst us. Can’t a billion hearts weeping change things or is it just some who are listening to the wails of these unfortunate souls?


  6. Thank you.

    I have a sad suspicion that the second is true. There are some causes which are socially acceptable and some that are not.

    Also if the guilty are influential, many people tend to turn a blind eye.


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