Satyameva Jayate

Falsehood comes in many forms.

Take the horrific case of Apna Ghar shelter in Rohtak, Haryana. Last month, the Incharge of the home Jaswanti Devi, was arrested.  A National Commission for Protection of Child Rights questioned 28 of the inmates.

Almost all the inmates reportedly said that Haryana Police officials were frequent visitors to Apna Ghar and would abuse them with the help of Jaswanti Devi.

And just a few months ago, this same Jaswanti Devi was

  honoured by the Haryana state government with Indira Gandhi Nari Shakti Puraskar carrying a cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh and a citation.

So was it not falsehood on the part of the Haryana government to honour her with this award?

Satameva Jayate!

Selective reporting is also falsehood.

  These past few days, no news channel thought it worthwhile to discuss the above news of the raping of children by Haryana police officials, in state run institutions .

Nor did the fact that Ruchika’s relatives decided to withdraw cases against IGP Rathod, figure in any evening discussions on these news channels. 

However almost all the channels devoted hours and hours to discuss whether Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev had a falling out. Did Arvind Kejriwal leave the dias brcause he was unwell, or because he had a disagreement with Baba Ramdev? This was discussed and reported at great length.

The media glosses over any news which would show any wrongdoing by those in authority.  And reports and discusses ad nauseum any small weaknesses of those who show the courage to stand up to corrupt authority.

Satyameva Jayate!

Nowadays it is truly difficult to recognise what is true and what is false.

 Medicines are often fake. The milk we buy is adulterated- white powder mixed with water. The bright coloured vegetables that tempt us in the markets are often dyed with artificial chemicals.

Some candidates applying for jobs, submit fake certificates from imaginary Universities.

We frequently read about rackets for issuing fake caste certificates. There have recently been instances of MLAs submitting fake caste certificates, and being elected in constituencies which were reserved for specific castes.

Robert Louis Stevenson said that ‘the cruelest lies are often told in silence’

When we observe an injustice happening, but do not speak out, then, by omission, we tell a lie.

When we vote for those who deal in falsehoods, then we too, become party to those falsehoods.

When we ‘look the other way’, when the truth is being bent, we are also involved in bending the truth.

When we nod our heads in agreement to statements which we know to be untrue, only because it is ‘politically correct’ to do so, then we are involved in that untruth.

It is time for us, the ordinary citizens of this nation, to speak up for what we know to be the truth. It is time for us to stand up to the liars, however powerful they may be.

Only then can our national motto- ‘सत्यमेव जयते’ (‘Truth alone triumphs’) become a reality.





  1. The very first thing I dont like is that whenevr anyone raise the question of corruption in Congress, congress says that look who is saying..but if one is not honest then it doesnt mean that all others can also be dishonest and it doesnt matter…

    Media..about it less said is better..theya re more worried about Aishwary and her daughter than country, I feel really sad when I see a paper of TOI calibre to stoop so low and report useless items only.


    1. Yes, most politicians do that- attack others instead of explaining their actions or admitting their wrong-doings.

      And I agree, even reputed newspapers like TOI lose their sense of proportion regarding the type of news they cover.


  2. In India, if a wrong is done by you but also by another, it is justified. That is the rationale behind our political parties who keep throwing the accusation,’ you did it too!’.And the best way to discredit someone who questions you is to besmirch them so that they are busy trying to defend and extricate themselves. Satyameva Jayate, indeed!


    1. Oh, yes. ‘You did it too” is the common refrain of most politicians.

      This would not be a logical argument even if the counter-accusation were true- and often it is not true!

      But people read the comments of the politicians which are repeatedly broadcasted by the media and very often believe what they have said…..


      1. bk Chowlaji: please read here-
        Humanity Hospital was started by a widow who worked as a domestic help and vegetable seller…no connection to masjid or anything


  3. Agree, Manju. Some years back my Ph.d. advisor in United States, a woman from Puerto Rico explained something very sadly amidst a discussion on USA’s role in funding war on Iraq and the pain caused there. She said and I paraphrase: Bhavana, having chosen to live here in USA, having chosen to pay my taxes, having chosen to buy my house in a land where weapons are made, by teaching in a university that support defence research, I have already always participated in the atrocity that is being committed in Iraq. I cannot play a blame game. I am part of the blame.
    I was stunned into thoughtful silence. Isn’t it true, Manju that we lack the will to make the hard choices…?


    1. Welcome to this blog, Bhavana!

      I can sympathise with the feelings of your Ph.D. advisor. It is not really possible for an individual to influence the actions of a government. So she may be have been a bit harsh on herself when she said that she is ‘part of the blame’.

      On the other hand, we often neglect to voice our protest even when we could. Or are silent when we should speak. Or do not try to help the victims of some oppression because the oppressors are powerful people. ‘Conforming’ becomes a habit. Eventually we, as you say, ‘lose the will to make hard choices’.


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