New Year’s Greetings

Winter was especially long this year, but Spring has finally arrived in time for the New Year.

Today is Varsha Pratipada, the first day of the Hindu Lunar Year. It is also called Ugadi ( first day of the era).

In Maharashtra, it is Gudhi Padwa. On this day, Gudhis are put up, symbolising victory.  These are bamboo sticks with a coloured silk cloth and a garlanded metal vessel on top.

Wishing my blogging friends a prosperous, joyous and healthy New Year!

This past year just ended has been an interesting one. Perhaps too interesting, particularly in the political arena! It seems that everyone is in a competition to get ahead, even if it means dragging others down.

When all we see around us is greed and opportunism, it is natural to become cynical and untrusting of others.

Let’s hope that the New Year brings less scams and scandals  than the earlier one.

Let us hope that we are able to start the new year with hope and optimism, that we make some progress in trying to improve the present situation, helping one  another on the way!



  1. Happy new year to you and your family too Manju! Wishing too that we are able to create a harmonious world and help each other live happily. 🙂



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