Celebratory Murder

As I was reading the morning newspaper, one headline leapt out- SP ‘celebratory firing’ kills boy.

The twelve-year old boy, Danish,

died after being hit by a bullet during celebratory firing, allegedly by supporters of SP candidate from Sambhal, Iqbal Mahmood.

What a horrible way to ‘celebrate’ winning an election!

But this is not an exceptSpringfield_Armory_M1911A1ional case. People routinely indulge in celebratory firing- often to celebrate weddings.

And innocent people are routinely killed in the process!

On the 21st of January, this year, a 32-year-old man, Ranbir, was killed in firing at a cousin’s wedding.

 ‘Ranbir’s cousin, Sandeep, was getting married. When the marriage party reached near Burari, the groom’s family started celebratory firing in the midst of dancing and music. A bullet hit Ranbir on his forehead and he collapsed immediately.’

A few days later, on January 24, a 14-year-old boy, Vikas, in Bachheda Khurd village was killed in firing at an engagement ceremony.

The police said that-

 Vikash, a relative of the groom, was hit by a stray bullet, adding that both the groom and bride`s sides had fired several shots in the air. The victim died at the spot.

These should be joyous events. Cannot we celebrate them without causing grievous harm to others?

Would it really be such a tragedy if fire-crackers are included in the celebrations instead of bullets?

Are we so full of ourselves that we do not care if someone loses their life while we make merry?

Even when those who die are our own friends or relatives?

Perhaps the invitation cards to such engagement parties or weddings should carry an addition line at the end-

‘Attend at your own risk. A lottery will be held to decide who will be sacrificed at today’s celebrations’




  1. Manju, I think its a cultural attitude thing. I was flabbergasted to see while travelling from MogulSarai to Allahbad, , two guys travelling on a two-wheeler, and the guy riding pillion, who certainly didnt appear to be a police or NSG type, was routinely lugging a big gun/rifle on his shoulder, like you and I would lug shopping bags. Cultural or not, prestige issue or not, I agree, that guns should never be a part of any celebratory process.


    1. Exactly, guns should not be part of any celebratory process. I wish people understood this.

      Things seem to be going from bad to worse. I read the other day that nowadays people who own guns are very much in demand as guests at weddings! They are expected to bring their guns along to the function…..


  2. More importantly how do these people get firearms? One would think that a licence is required for the possession of a gun. But it is the latest toy of the rich and filthy and what if a couple of lives are lost while they celebrate?


    1. From what I’ve read, a lot of people have licences for guns. And apparently the guns used in a couple of incidents which happened in Delhi, belonged to farmers from out of Delhi. They were smuggled into the city specifically for this purpose.


    1. Yes, these incidents are really shocking. If people do not care about the risk of killing someone, then I think they must have a very weak conscience indeed!


  3. Perhaps,you will find one common factor in most of these incidences.
    All revolve around politicians or their friends/relatives or their party.
    Manu,this will never change.They show their power,their couldn’t careless attitude.


  4. It is indeed terrible. Even firecrackers caused a tent to be burned down in our city the other day. Can we not have celebrations without noise. And do we need to have any celebrations at all.. isn’t the meeting of relatives and friends a celebration by itself? It is ridiculous. And to think lives have no value!


  5. Yes, celebrations really need to be toned down! As you have mentioned, even firecrackers can cause damage. But most people nowadays just HAVE to celebrate in a ‘large’ way!


  6. All lives are precious. Yet, I mention this because it has got to be the most ironic ‘celebratory murder’. Some 15 years ago, the feisty revellers of a marriage party shot dead the groom himself. You guessed it right, that was in the badland of Utter Perish, again.


  7. Now I hope we shall not face the situation in US, where any Tom, Dick or Harry can purchase a gun from the corner shop. I was under the impression that guns are a rarity in India and it is only when you mentioned so many instances that I realized that it is not do so. But then as BKC mentioned, it it mostly those with political clout who flaunts them. Locking them up behind bars is the only solution.

    Manju; there is as an award waiting for you.. am late in informing you 🙂


    1. When I googled ‘celebratory firing’, I found that this type of firing is customary in many countries. Such a pity!

      Yes, as Chowlaji mentioned, it’s likely that showing political clout is the main reason for this practice. I hope people realize the harm it can cause.

      Coming over to get my award….


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