When Did This Happen?

Mumbai. March 1993. A series of bomb blasts which left 257 dead, 700 injured.

Mumbai. August 2003. Car bombs leaving 52 dead.

Mumbai. July 2006. Seven bombings on suburban trains and stations. 209 dead.

Mumbai. November 2008. Coordinated terror attack. 164 killed. Over 300 wounded.

Mumbai. July 2011. Three bomb blasts. 19 dead. Approx 140 wounded.

And many other dates in between.

We might think that nothing has changed.

 But something has changed. The victims and the perpetrators have exchanged positions.

 Mumbai is not the victim here now. Neither are the other Indian towns and cities which routinely fall prey to terror attacks.

The terrorists have become the victims. Poor, poor, wronged people. They have been so sinned against that they are completely justified in killing innocent people.

Remember the story of the traveller who was set upon by thieves? They robbed him and having beaten him up, left him lying in a ditch.

Two people passing by saw him lying there. One said to the other- ” the person who has beaten up this man really needs help.”

The other answered-” Yes, let’s go find him. Poor, mixed up fellow.” And off they went, leaving the traveller lying in the ditch.

Mumbai is lying in the gutter.

No, India is lying in the gutter.

And the terrorists have global sympathy and are laughing their heads off.



  1. At a certain level, what you portray here is very true. I see the same symptoms you describe here in many of the urban Indians. I am just not able to make out what leads to this kind of weird psychological behavior on part of the sympathizers.


  2. I do not think people sympathise with the terrorist. It is just the attitude of the the Govt. that is apalling. It is not easy to tackle the issue, but we can see no effort being made to enforce greater controls. No improved security despite so many attacks.


    1. Radha, I have noticed a shift in the attitude of people in recent years.

      For example whenever someone is arrested in connection with a terror attack, newspaper reports focus a lot on how the family of the arrested person is very poor, or how the arrested person is uneducated, or how his mother is upset because of the arrest.

      The media seems to care more about the guilty and their families, than about the victims.

      Of course you may not agree with my view. 🙂


  3. The shift is real and can be seen very clearly.. The sympathy is as you rightly put is to be politically correct and as long as the US is supporting our neighbour we will bend backwards to please them, no matter that they have secured their own shores since 9/11 against any terror attacks. But unless these misguided youths are included into the mainstream by getting them into schools and colleges, they will be exploited by the vested interests here and abroad. But that would upset the vote banks badly, wouldn’t it? So it all boils down to keeping them out of the mainstream, scared and then get their votes. Jai Hind!


    1. ‘But unless these misguided youths are included into the mainstream by getting them into schools and colleges, they will be exploited by the vested interests here and abroad.’ – I agree completely with this. But as you have pointed out, keeping them ‘apart’ is to the advantage of some political groups.


  4. I dont think that they have global sympathy, and nothing is happening as they are targetting common man,and common man is so dispensable…..


    1. Yes, the common people are seen as dispensible, true. But even when the Taj & Oberoi Hotels in Mumbai were targeted, nothing much happened….


      1. Do you know the real reason for 9/11 WTC/pentagon attacks – personal feud between the bushs and the bin ladens. ever since america is reeling in fear. the super rich ..1% of the rich fight their personal feuds as wars


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