Mumbai. March 1993. A series of bomb blasts which left 257 dead, 700 injured.

Mumbai. August 2003. Car bombs leaving 52 dead.

Mumbai. July 2006. Seven bombings on suburban trains and stations. 209 dead.

Mumbai. November 2008. Coordinated terror attack. 164 killed. Over 300 wounded.

Mumbai. July 2011. Three bomb blasts. 19 dead. Approx 140 wounded.

And many other dates in between.

We might think that nothing has changed.

 But something has changed. The victims and the perpetrators have exchanged positions.

 Mumbai is not the victim here now. Neither are the other Indian towns and cities which routinely fall prey to terror attacks.

The terrorists have become the victims. Poor, poor, wronged people. They have been so sinned against that they are completely justified in killing innocent people.

Remember the story of the traveller who was set upon by thieves? They robbed him and having beaten him up, left him lying in a ditch.

Two people passing by saw him lying there. One said to the other- ” the person who has beaten up this man really needs help.”

The other answered-” Yes, let’s go find him. Poor, mixed up fellow.” And off they went, leaving the traveller lying in the ditch.

Mumbai is lying in the gutter.

No, India is lying in the gutter.

And the terrorists have global sympathy and are laughing their heads off.