Friends, Indians, Countrymen

[Julius Caesar is assassinated by a group of conspirators led by his friend Brutus. Brutus justifies the killing, saying that Caesar had become too ambitious and had to be killed.

Mark Antony delivers a brilliantly sarcastic eulogy starting with the words-

‘Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;
I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.’

This has the effect of turning the mob against Brutus.

This post is my take on what Antony might have said were he here in India today.]

 [ With apologies to  William Shakespeare and Mark Antony ]


 Friends, Indians, countrymen, lend me your ears;

The noble Prime Minister has told us about Saturday’s Midnight crackdown that “It is unfortunate that the operation had to be conducted, but quite honestly there was no alternative.”

Some might say that there should have been an announcement earlier telling the gathered people to vacate the premises. Some might say that the authorities should have waited till morning. Some might say the elderly and young children should not have been brutalized.

But these are unimportant matters.

The PM says that there was no alternative to a midnight raid, and we must believe him, for the PM is an honourable man.

So are they all, all honourable men–

The noble  Union Human Resource and Development (HRD) Minister Kapil Sibal has stated that Civil society members are not serious about drafting the Lokpal bill.

He said  “The government is shocked at comments made by Team Anna. How can they call us cheats, liars and conspirators? Are they as serious? Steps as these will only delay the drafting of the Lokpal Bill. The demand for live web cast of Lokpal meeting is irrelevant.”

Civil society representatives say that no one has abused the government representatives. They say that the government actions have “raised serious doubts about the government’s intentions of having a strong anti-corruption watchdog.”

But the HRD Minister begs to differ, and we must believe him, for the HRD Minister is an honourable man.

So are they all, all honourable men–

A man claiming to work with a Rajasthan-based magazine threatened Congress leader Janardan Dwivedi with a shoe at a press briefing on Monday. Within minutes, Congress spokesman Manish Tiwari stated that the man was an RSS activist and a member of the BJP. He said that the act “was a sign of the desperation of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).”

Others pointed out that there was no reason to assume that the man was in any way connected with the RSS or BJP.

But the Congress spokesman thinks differently, and we must believe him, for the Congress spokesman is an honourable man.

So are they all, all honourable men–

There are men here who say that this agitation is futile. Black money cannot be brought back to India. It is stashed away in another country, a sovereign country, which will never agree to our demands.

There are men here who say that Baba Ramdev is a fraud, that Anna Hazare is a fraud. That they have some ulterior motive to all these agitations. They say that anti-national Hindu organisations are behind these movements.

They say that only they have the country’s interest at heart. Only they are making great sacrifices for the benefit of the country.

Friends, Indians, countrymen, shall we keep on believing that these are honourable men? Shall we keep on believing the lies they tell? Shall we continue to keep our eyes shut to the injustices that are taking place around us?

Friends, Indians, countrymen, is it not time for us to decide where we stand?



  1. Don’t you know Manju, that only the UPA is the most honest government with the interests of the country as its focus? In all the Civil Socirty and Ramdev bashing no one, not even Ramdev himself is telling the nation that his troupe consisted of Muslims who sat with him on the dais and spoke such nationalistic words. the truth is that while the UPA and its allies claim to be in favour of the minorities, they are doing nothing to bring them into the mainstream, give them education and the like. Did you know that there is a group of Muslims headed by Maulvis in UP, that preaches the RSS doctrines? Read about it and put it on FB or any other platform you are in.

    Also, please put the post I had written about the Hindu Muslim unity on my blog :

    But yes, only the Congress and its allies are the most suave, the most resourceful and the most vociferous (when it comes to denigrating everyone other than their allies) and therefore the most honourable, as you have said. But it is time to spread such info to the countrymen so that they can make their minds up.


    1. Yes, I agree, UPA and its allies haven’t done much to bring the minorities into the mainstream. In fact, by following a vigorous appeasement policy, they ensure that the minorities will always stay apart from the rest.

      People of different religions would individually not have much problem interacting with each other, I think. When politics enters, individuals become a group/ mob, and the equation changes. Politicians benefit from ‘vote-banks’ of different religious groups and so have a vested interest in keeping them separate.

      I am active on Twitter- have tweeted the link of your post there. 🙂


  2. wow manju, you have put everything in a good perspective…really we must believe them , they the only honourable man.:):):)

    Iam not a great supported of Ram dev, but what treatment he was given is a shame on democracy..whywas he subjected to such humiliation? was he rioting? or doing something CWG or 2g scam or many others?…..
    But then corruption is not a crime,bur raising voice against that says the govt…and we listen to them as they are the only honourable people:)


    1. To tell the truth, though I am religious, I have never been much impressed by ‘Godmen’. But in the case of Saturday night’s events, the government was clearly in the wrong.

      When Baba Ramdev arrived in Delhi, 4 Central Ministers went to meet him. They were interacting with him constantly on the first day of his fast.

      Suddenly at midnight, his hunger strike became ‘illegal’? As you say- “But then corruption is not a crime,but raising voice against that is..”


  3. Many of us in our family follow Baba Ramdev’s yoga regime. We respect him a lot.
    But we were not very happy when he decided to enter politics. But this atrocity by congress against him is unpardonable. The fasting conducted by Anna Hazare went smoothly. Why was congress scared by Baba’s fasting, this time, to conduct midnight raid? Day-by-day these ‘honourable men’ are becoming ‘intolerable men’.

    I am still not able to believe that Congress, esp. Manmohan Singh, could stoop this much…! Feel sad for ourselves, Manju. Is there any other good leader in the vicinity? We desperately need him, NOW!


    1. I think the government is scared to see the huge following that both Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev have. News reports say that there were one lakh people participating in Baba Ramdev’s agitation!

      Our politicians probably have so much money stashed away in Swiss accounts that they cannot bear the thought of having to disclose it! That’s why they reacted in such a manner….


  4. The Congress party has failed miserably and our Honest PM is nothing but honest.
    But I do feel that this party is indeed feeling jittery when it took such extreme steps. I hope the will of the people shall be felt strongly through people like Anna and Baba Ramdev.


    1. Yes, I agree. The government has surely become unnerved after seeing the large number participating in this movement against corruption.

      I only hope that it sees sense soon and realizes that it should not be ‘the government against the people’ but ‘the government for the people’!


  5. I have never seen such corrupt govt before, never seen such miserable governance, never seen sychphants fighting with each other making place for themselves in Palace,never seen an Indan PM so helplesss but is favicioiled.
    We must have committed some sins to have desrved this Govt


    1. I have to agree. Corruption has reached never-before high levels. And governance is almost non-existent.

      I think people are very short-sighted. Many see some short term benefits from reservations, special concessions, etc. So they vote for the Congress. Also the alternatives are unfortunately almost as bad.


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