Mostly about MTNL

Yesterday afternoon the telephone rings. I pick up the receiver. A shrill Voice informs me ” Ye MTNL ki seva hai- aap ko bill pay karni hai!”

 Phone goes dead.

I think a bit. Did I forget to pay the phone bill? I don’t think so- I distinctly remember paying it a couple of weeks ago.

So this afternoon the phone rings same as yesterday. I pick it up. The Voice says again in high-pitched tones, ” Ye MTNL ki seva hai- aap ko bill pay karni hai!”

 Phone goes dead.

I take out the telephone bills file. Last months bill- paid. I look in the unpaid bills’ drawer. This month’s bill- yet to be paid.

Is the bill overdue I wonder. Nope. Bill to be paid by May 2nd.

I double-check  to make sure it’s 2011, not 2010.

So today is the 24th of April. Is the shrieky voice going to remind me every day until the 2nd of May?

Maybe if I pay the bill today, the Voice will stop calling.

On the other hand- I wouldn’t be so sure. This is the same MTNL which has messed up my mobile phone bills for the last few years and regularly threatens to disconnect my phone even when I have never missed a payment.

I could vent my annoyance by shouting at the Voice, but since it’s a recorded message, that would not stop the repeated phone calls.

I look at the caller ID and dial the number. “Ye number moujud nahi hai”, the computerized operator tells me.

I give up and resign myself to the daily phone calls.



  1. I know that feeling. It is really annoying to have someone keep telling you about the bill when there is still time to pay. BSNL does it too, but not on a daily basis. The cellphone companies send SMS ad nauseam till you pay too.


  2. Hehe! Ironically, I’d feel inhibited to vent out my anger if it were a real human at the other end. Here, you could’ve afforded to shout a bit. 😛


  3. Since MTNL has lost its monopoly status, it is best to change the service provider.–I have done so and I am quite happy with the service and the connection.


  4. I hate machanised voices! I can understand how you feel, Manju! The sentence is not even polite!

    I get sms reminders from airtel! It always says,’ if you have already paid ‘PLEASE’ ignore this message…I am a bit happy because it is using ‘please’…we should look for positive words everywhere!

    If it is a human voice also, mostly it is from a call centre…they just repeat the sentences like a parrot!


  5. .
    zephyr– It seems most companies do this. I usually disregard it, but yesterday it bugged me more than usual, hence this post. 😀

    Ketan– Yes, I could have shouted, but without getting any response. 🙂

    Suranga– Will come to read your post shortly…

    Chowla ji– Yes, I’m thinking of doing the same!

    Sandhya– Yes, ‘please’ would have been preferable… 🙂

    Renu– That’s what annoyed me the most- there is still more than a week till the due date!


  6. I wish all of their kind were ‘moujud nahi hai’. The call centres and the recorded messages are so annoying. And try their ‘Do not call registry’ – you get a number and the message that it will come into effect after three months. But believe me, even after 8 months the annoying calls continue. And what about the day you receive calls from 5 different people with the same message? Exasperating to say the least.


  7. Since I am not in India for the last so many years, so I don’t really know abt bill payment, but what I find annoying is the ads that u get on BSNL mobile ( we use a BSNL chip when in India) it is so very irritating. Here there are no reminders, the connection is cut, thats all


  8. I had a similar problem, but of ‘humans’ calling to remind me to pay the bill (Airtel). After a few times of listening to them nicely, I gave them a piece of my mind. Ahh how good that it was not recorded voice. As it is we pay our bill via ECS, so they have NO reason to call and remind me. I asked if they knew the meaning of ECS, if not go and find out before troubling customers.
    Recently I had about 25 messages in a span of 4-5 days telling my pre-paid BSNL card would be disconnected if I don’t top up, and that happened AFTER it was done! 😛


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