Seemingly insignificant events can have significant consequences. That is the Butterfly Effect.

Edward Lorenz, American mathematician and meteorologist, used the term to explain that small differences in the initial condition of a dynamical system may set off a series of events which causes changes in the long term behaviour of the system.

The flapping of a butterfly’s wings might cause tiny changes in the atmosphere that may result in the path of a tornado being altered.

While the butterfly does not “cause” the tornado in the sense of providing the energy for the tornado, it does “cause” it in the sense that the flap of its wings is an essential part of the initial conditions resulting in a tornado, and without that flap that particular tornado would not have existed.

I find the Butterfly effect to be a fascinating idea. Edward Lorenz was theorizing about material effects. But what if the concept were applied to the effects of a person’s thoughts and ideas on others?

We bloggers express ourselves through our words. I like to think that these words may cause a butterfly effect. They may influence readers in ways which cannot be predicted. We cannot trace this effect, nor can we influence its path. Likewise, we ourselves may also be influenced, perhaps unconsciously, by the words of other bloggers.

This flapping of our wings is a mild kind of action, a temperate influence. It is not the ranting and shouting that is heard on television news channels.

It may cause just a gentle breeze, a minute altering of direction of thought. But it may lead to great changes. We would probably never know for sure. What do you think?

Today this blog completes two years. When I started blogging I did not expect to continue writing posts for this length of time. This give and take of ideas with fellow bloggers is what motivates me most to continue blogging.

I have met a few blogger friends in real life. But most, I know only through the posts on their blogs, and their comments on my blog and other blogs. Many blogger friends live in places far from my city, some even in other countries.

But, as the Subhaashitkar says-

गिरौ मयूराः गगने पयोदाः,
लक्षान्तरे अर्कः च जलेषु पद्म l
इन्दुः द्विलक्षम् कुमुदस्य बंधुः
यो यस्य मित्रं नहि तस्य दूरम् ll

The peacock- who dances when it rains-  lives on the hill. The rain-giving clouds float high in the sky.
The Sun is lakhs of miles away in space, while the lotus – which blooms at sunrise- is in the water, down here on earth.
The Moon- said to be the brother of the Night lotus- is at a distance of a couple of lakhs of miles.
So if we consider someone to be a friend, the distance does not matter- he/she is never really far away!