What’s Your Hobby?

Some friends and I were discussing hobbies and interests.

The dictionary meaning of hobby is ‘an activity or interest pursued outside one’s regular occupation and engaged in primarily for pleasure‘. It is another matter that some people have been successful at turning their hobbies into income generating businesses!

Some people pursue their hobbies right from childhood throughout their whole lives. Others outgrow the hobbies- like collecting rocks, leaves, etc- they had as children, and acquire new ones when older.

Some friends said they were ‘passionate’ about their interests. This conjured up the picture of the two noblemen in Shatranj Ke Khilari who continued playing chess, completely oblivious to the events unfolding around them.

 I’ve been thinking about this, and have come to the conclusion that I don’t think I’m ‘passionate’ about any hobby. I enjoy doing a number of things. Reading is an interest that I acquired very early in life-  and it is still with me!  But I can’t really say I would continue reading a book if the world was crumbling around me!

What about you?  Have you any hobbies that you enjoy very much?  Gardening, sports, or travelling,  maybe?  Reading, music, cooking, collecting stamps or learning new languages? Perhaps  just sitting in the garden?

 Or any that you are ‘passionate’ about?

[Shatranj Ke Khilari poster courtesy Wikipedia]



  1. If you enjoy the work you do, it becomes a hobby.I had to cook for long years when my wife fell ill.Instead of considering it a burden, I started relishing the job.Cooking became a pleasurable hobby providing me opportunities to learn new things.


    1. Yes, that’s true. We don’t think of it as work any more, I suppose, if we enjoy it.

      And a very creditable attitude on your part- many men would have done the work of cooking, grudgingly.


  2. Off late, I spend some time sketching and painting. There is a lot of room for improvement, and I have no training, but I do enjoy this new hobby of mine. Also, nature – trees, flowers, birds – identifying them makes even a short walk more interesting. And of course browsing the net is what I would rather do instead of watching TV.


    1. From your posts, Radha, it’s very evident that you have an artistic nature. Do post some pictures you’ve painted.

      The internet is very addictive, isn’t it? I prefer the computer to television, too!


  3. What better than blogging. Photography. Occassionally…well, some running and oh yes, some reading too…

    Not to include eating out, sleeping and such else ! 🙂


    1. Kavi, you have lots of hobbies. And you are evidently very good at time management, because as far as I know, you do justice to most of them!


  4. I love playing, reading something and watching movies… 🙂 🙂 intersted in photography too.. have to buy a camera now 😀 😀

    and blogging.. 🙂 🙂


    1. You seem to have many interests, Kanagu!
      And you left out meeting blogging friends in real life- I enjoyed your posts about your meetings!


  5. There was a time that I would be so immersed in my reading that I will get a sound scolding from my mother, then after marriage, sometimes my dishes burnt and I learnt my lesson:)

    Today if I am watching a movie, I dont like anyone disturbing me:)


    1. Reading is one of my favourite pastimes, too. My parents’ house has an attic and in the summer vacations I used to take a book and stay up there for hours reading. Those were the days…..


  6. Love reading and blogging.. but lack of time keeps me away from both…

    would love to take up gardening some day 🙂 and I love cooking too since I have a few ardent food lovers at home…


    1. HK, you’ll get more time for your interests as your children grow up! I admire anyone who loves cooking since I’m not a particularly skilled cook myself. 🙂


  7. I too acquired the reading habit very early in my life and continued till a couple of years back…i.e. serious reading! Now, somehow I drift away from what I am reading, often.

    Music was and is my passion. Any music will do. If I am in a good mood, even loud music is OK for me.

    Animals and birds and nature fascinate me as you know it, by now! Now, blogging…! TV and cinema are secondary to me, though I keep track of quite a lot of things!


    1. Sandhya, yes, I’m sure all your blogging friends know about your love for birds and animals! 🙂

      I think you’ve written a few posts on music, too. What’s your favourite type of music?


      1. Thank you, Manju! Classical raga based melodious film songs, bhajans, ghazals etc. Nowadays, I have started enjoying Hindustani music too…my husband also is with me! My elder son loves Jagjit Singh, younger one is into western music, but if any participant sings off shruti, he shouts to switch off!

        Haha, my whole family’s music history is here… thank you, Manju!

        I love Marathi bhajans of Latha and Asha too…I often hear them in vandanwaar kaaryakram in Vividh Bharathi in the mornings!

        Which type of music would you like to hear, I would love to know, Manju!


          1. Kishori Amonkar is my favourite too! I first heard ‘kesariyaa baalam’ from her cassette and loved it and started buying more of her music!

            Bhimsen Joshi is my father’s favourite! We used to hear him at the 10 pm National programme of music in the radio…we used to tease him but now I love his ‘Bhaagyada Lakshmi baaramma’. His rendition is entirely different from that of others of the same song.


  8. Teaching, reading and blogging 🙂 in that order..
    though twitter has become addictive these days:)

    Besides reading what are the other things you love doing Manju?:)


  9. one thing i would really like to pursue is to grow vegetables /herbs in pots. i also tried to grow chillies. the plant has been growing ..but no green chillies 😦


      1. in summer yes everything growns. in winter i bring the pots inside. the basil has died but am hopping it will come back. the plant is green and the temp inside the room is warm – so the other plants are green ( i have only 2 others)
        i would like to grow more stuff. last time i tried capsicum – the plant grew but bore no capsicum.


  10. ???
    Great to read various responses……..got me thinking abt myself…I always thought I have and pursue multiple interests….

    Let me guess….it would be reading, blogging, travelling, general knowledge, food critic, geo-political analyst (only an amateur unlike Vinod Sharma who is an expert) and some others….

    Hmmmm……….a diversion is very necessary…


    1. What is a food critic? Do you write anywhere?

      I was talking with some friends about hobbies, and I realized that I didn’t really have any! Apart from reading, that is. Hence this post. 🙂


  11. Reading is the only thing that comes close to being a hobby for me 🙂 I used to collect books, but ever since we moved abroad, that has stopped, I do plan to restart once we move back.

    I love picking up languages – but to be honest, I am not sure if I can call that a hobby, because I do not do on a regular basis anymore.


  12. I am passionate about listening to music. But of course I cannot go on listening to music if things around me aren’t okay! 🙂 I love reading too. Clicking flowers is a recent hobby. I have quite a collection. Then of course ther is blogging or should I say writing?? 🙂


  13. My hobbies and passions change every six months (weird but true)… so in the last 4 years, my passions changed from studying psychology to reading history… from watching movies to english literature… but then I got serious with my cartooning and writing…. which is reflected in my blog… http://gtoosphere.blogspot.com


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