Renting Out Prisons


 Crime rates in the Netherlands have been declining in the past few years. In addition to creating a safer society, this has benefited the country in an unexpected way. With prison space to spare, the Netherlands is renting it out!

It  has agreed to admit 500 Belgian inmates into its prison in the southern Dutch city of Tilburg. Belgium will pay the Dutch 30 million euros $41.14 million (26.37 million pounds) a year for the favour under a three-year deal.

 The prison will be staffed by employees of both countries, while the Director will be Belgian.

 Belgian prisons are a couple of centuries old as well as overcrowded,  so those Belgian prisoners selected to be shifted to the Dutch prison at Tilburg are quite happy.


The Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, addressing the conference of Chief Ministers and Chief Justices, in August last year, said

A matter of concern, indeed worry, is the large number of undertrials in our jails. Many  such undertrials have been in jail for periods longer than they would have served had they been sentenced. This is indeed very disturbing.”

A few days ago,  Law and Justice Minister M. Veerappa Moily,  said that the government planned to expedite the cases of undertrials who are not involved in heinous crimes.

 He further stated that the government planned to dispose of two-thirds of the under trial cases by the end of July this year.



  1. Dont want to sound cynical, but its entirely possible that someone has already thought of such things, and done the needful, unofficially, for some untold financial, unreported gain. If the government actually manages to clear the undertrial backlog, maybe these things will be exposed on investigations being done.

    On another note, I know of a case where a fellow deliberately got himself re-arrested, because he was unable to provide for his own daily living expenses, and thought jail residence with free food was anyday better…


  2. First welcome to wordpress 🙂 🙂

    and the thing needs to be addressed is the slowness of our Judiciary… instead of making the process faster the government is taking steps which is not beneficiary..

    and I am not supporting the case of people to be in prison while the case is in undertrial.. they have all the rights to live freely until they are convicted…


    1. Thanks for the welcome, Kanagu!

      I agree with you about not imprisoning undertrials. The rich ones can get out on bail, while those who cannot afford bail have to stay in prison.

      If they are accused of minor crimes, I feel that they should not be kept in prison until they are found guilty.


  3. Hey….a surprise move.

    Do you find wordpress more convenient than blogger? Please share your experience here.

    A new address but with the same thoughtful and thought provoking content is what we look forward to..

    All the best.


    1. I wanted to combine my two blogs, and couldn’t find a way to do so in blogger.

      This wordpress template allows for multiple pages to be combined under one heading on the home page. So decided to move here.

      It will take some time for me to get used to the new system, though!


  4. Surprise move ! Nevertheless, congratulations on the new move !

    All of us need to be free and not be imprisoned by templates that we choose !

    Whatsay !

    Congratulations Manju !


    1. As I said above, I wanted to combine my two blogs. Perhaps it would have been possible in blogger, too- but I am somewhat technologically challenged, and could not find a way!

      Nice choice of words- ‘imprisoned by template that we choose’!


  5. Manju ji, first let me welcome you to WP. 🙂 Now it is easy for me to read and comment on your blog. I often have issues opening or commenting on blogspot blogs.

    As for the post, so many things can be done and we have many solutions but hardly the people concerned are interested in implementing it.


    1. Thank you!

      I agree, no one seems to be interested in finding solutions. And now they are saying they will dispose of 2/3 of the cases in a few months. It is hard to believe that this will really be possible!


  6. Justice delayed is justice denied.. nd is sad to note that most of these prisoners may not even be guilty and yet a good part of their lives as well as that of their loved ones have been taken away because our judiciary is incompetent? lazy? or the undertrials dont have the resources to pay for justice?
    Our law minister has not given us the reason for this injustice….
    nd keeping these prisoners in jail is another expense….


    1. You are right- if the undertrials are innocent, keeping them in jail is an injustice to them, and an expense for the government. I hope the authorities are serious about speeding up the whole process!


  7. We will follow your blog any place Manju! Do let me know how you manage the wordpress blog. I find blogger a lot easier, but ofcourse some features of wordpress are hard to beat!


  8. Thank you!.
    I, too, find blogger easier to manage. But I wanted to combine my two blogs, and I didn’t know how to do that in blogger. I also like the comments feature here.


  9. Actually, those countries that have banned capital punishment should outsource to Indian prisons. They don’t need to die to go to hell!

    Why did you shift to WordPress. Anyway what is important is the content and not the house in which it is kept. Love both your blogs.


    1. Yes, everyone says that the conditions in Indian prisons are terrible! If the government succeeds in even partially speeding up the justice process, many innocent undertrials will be able to escape them.

      I wanted to combine my two blogs, and found that easier to do on WordPress. So I shifted here!


  10. This is so disturbing in India..justice is always delayed…wonder what is stopping govt to bring more maksift court may be..with such a huge population doing LLB, we can certainly have that,if we have the will.


  11. This looks nice and your blogspot also was beautiful. I am also asked to shift to wordpress, I am still thinking…!

    Here, rich and the famous stay in for one day even if they are arrested for murder or rape or terrorist activity and come out giving a broad smug smile on their faces. People who cannot afford to manipulate law or hurl money, stay inside.

    It is funny to read about Netherlands…let this thing happen here too…dreaming!


  12. ((((((((((((hugs)))))))))Welcome to WP first of all 😀
    Now will read post and comment but first got all hyper seeing you here 😀

    Off to Vinod Sir’s posts after this 🙂


  13. With prison space to spare, the Netherlands is renting it out!

    😯 amazed! to see that this can actually happen in the cynical world we live in!

    Perhaps the prospect of earning a large sum by renting out our prisons to other countries would be an incentive to speedily release those undertrial detainees who are innocent. A portion of any monetary gain would probably find its way into bureaucratic pockets. This would ensure that the pending cases are quickly disposed of!
    But the way this would seriously mess with our justice system doesn’t even bear thinking Manju! I mean in an ideal situation those who are innocent ..their cases would be quickly disposed off…but here in India it would be just the opposite…

    now they would have an easy way out! give money..and get out is what is more likely to happen…and of course all those who would be out would definitely be ‘innocent’


    1. Hi! Glad to see you here, Abhi!

      Of course what you say would happen. I was not seriously suggesting this! But really, how they are going to dispose of 2/3 pending cases in a few months is a mystery.


  14. Congratulations on the move to WP, Manju 🙂 Great to see you here!

    The conditions of under trials in India is indeed pathetic – so sad that so many people are imprisoned for crimes that they may not have committed. Expediting trials is always a good thing – only thing is it should be done properly.

    I would also hope that one day, we could also talk of declining crime rates in India too 🙂

    me: Declining crime rates in India? May that become a reality soon!


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