The Wheelchair Kamikaze is my friend Marc, who was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis a few years ago.

He now needs a wheelchair to get around, but that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his passion- photography. He lives in New York, and likes to drive his wheelchair at top speed in the streets of the City, and take photographs of whatever catches his fancy.

He has posted many of these wonderful pictures and videos too, on his blog- ‘Wheelchair Kamikaze’ . After being diagnosed with PPMS, he researched extensively about this condition and has written informative posts about it on his blog.

MS has affected Marc’s ability to type on a keyboard, so he writes his posts with the help of a voice recognition software programme called Dragon NaturallySpeaking. In his inimitable style, Marc says-

‘Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking doesn’t make MS suck any less, but it does allow me to write about how much having MS sucks’.

One of my favourite posts on his blog is ‘Footprints and Shadows: The Tao of MS.’ Marc narrates an interesting parable and then concludes-

‘The way, then, is to find the contentment within that eclipses physical disability, and to make the infinite number of choices each and every day that allow for that contentment. I will never be happy about having multiple sclerosis, but I can be happy in spite of it’.

Marc’s blog has been nominated for the category of ‘Best Patient’s Blog’ in the Sixth Annual Medical Weblog Awards (2009).

Marc’s posts on medical research about MS are very informative, yet easy for the average reader to understand. His posts about life after MS reflect his dry wit and ability to introspect.

Do visit Marc’s blog- ‘Wheelchair Kamikaze’ .

And if you feel, as I do, that his blog deserves to win the ‘Best Patient’s Blog’ award, please vote for ‘Wheelchair Kamikaze’ here .