People do strange things for a cause they believe in. On New Year’s Day a Bhatinda resident accomplished the exceptional feat of driving blindfolded from Patiala to Chandigarh. And all for a cause he passionately believes in- Indo-Pak friendship!

Harpreet is already well-known for his skills of driving in reverse. He has been issued a special license to drive in reverse anywhere in the state. He suffers from neck and back problems because of this hobby, but says that “achieving something special is never easy. It is not giving that counts“.

For his recent triumph of driving blindfolded, he has been practising for five years. Accompanied by a navigator, he covered the distance of sixty kilometres in just under three hours.

His car was decorated with flags of India and Pakistan to signify his message-“I want to spread the message of Peace“.

I never want others to take the risk of copying me। It comes after a lot of hard work and determination. My guide kept telling me that my life is at risk, but then when he saw my perfection while practicing and my determination, he gave me the go ahead”.

What a brave young man- risking his life for Peace. A real role-model for today’s youth!

As I write this, I am listening to the news on television that firing is going on in Srinagar. The Fidayeen have launched an attack. One policeman has been killed, several injured.

Perhaps the brave Harpreet would like to take his act to Srinagar and drive blindfolded in front of the Fidayeen?

Or better still- maybe he would like to go to Pakistan to promote Indo-Pak peace?

edited to add:-
I was being sarcastic in the above post, but reading it again, I think I haven’t been very clear about this. Just to clarify- I am against such stunts which could endanger other people. And are obviously against the law.

I also do not approve of this kind of activity – which appears to me to be quite unproductive- to promote peace. And lastly I personally believe that in most of these type of events, the purpose of stating a ’cause’ is to draw attention to oneself.