All For A Cause

People do strange things for a cause they believe in. On New Year’s Day a Bhatinda resident accomplished the exceptional feat of driving blindfolded from Patiala to Chandigarh. And all for a cause he passionately believes in- Indo-Pak friendship!

Harpreet is already well-known for his skills of driving in reverse. He has been issued a special license to drive in reverse anywhere in the state. He suffers from neck and back problems because of this hobby, but says that “achieving something special is never easy. It is not giving that counts“.

For his recent triumph of driving blindfolded, he has been practising for five years. Accompanied by a navigator, he covered the distance of sixty kilometres in just under three hours.

His car was decorated with flags of India and Pakistan to signify his message-“I want to spread the message of Peace“.

I never want others to take the risk of copying me। It comes after a lot of hard work and determination. My guide kept telling me that my life is at risk, but then when he saw my perfection while practicing and my determination, he gave me the go ahead”.

What a brave young man- risking his life for Peace. A real role-model for today’s youth!

As I write this, I am listening to the news on television that firing is going on in Srinagar. The Fidayeen have launched an attack. One policeman has been killed, several injured.

Perhaps the brave Harpreet would like to take his act to Srinagar and drive blindfolded in front of the Fidayeen?

Or better still- maybe he would like to go to Pakistan to promote Indo-Pak peace?

edited to add:-
I was being sarcastic in the above post, but reading it again, I think I haven’t been very clear about this. Just to clarify- I am against such stunts which could endanger other people. And are obviously against the law.

I also do not approve of this kind of activity – which appears to me to be quite unproductive- to promote peace. And lastly I personally believe that in most of these type of events, the purpose of stating a ’cause’ is to draw attention to oneself.



  1. These are the kind of youngsters who set examples.I appreciate his efforts and the cause—but,when it comes to Pak, is it worth it ?Will Pak ever learn a lesson?As I am posting this comment, forces are trying to chase out the terrorists from the hotel in Srinagar?


  2. Ugich Konitari– Wow! This is really some feat by Vinod Punamiya- beating the Deccan Queen! Reminds me of the old movie- "Naya Daur".Chowlaji, Sandhya– Actually, I was being, or trying to be, sarcastic- sorry that didn't come through clearly in my post.I do not agree with these type of feats where others may be put into danger. Though he may be taking precautions, there is always the possibility of someone being injured. And both driving in reverse and driving blindfolded must be against the law, too.As to doing that for peace, that is just for some free publicity for the event, I feel.


  3. I nod in agreement to your last para..stunt like these are always for self and publicity, nothing is gained byt hem..its like our politicians shout all the time about country and people but never really get down to do it.If the same person devotes all his time and energy in some productive work, would be benefitting more.I dont even believe in thopse peace yatras by politicians.


  4. I agree with you Manju, I think such feats are idiotic and they also make me wonder if people do them for selfish reasons and not for the reasons stated i.e peace, harmony etc.


  5. This is a difficult one. Unless people try to break through barriers of ordinary limitations, progress and move forward in any direction is not possible. There are far more dangerous challenges being taken by people. As long as these are done with some responsibility, it is fine. Every one who tries does not succeed but those who do set new benchmarks.Of course I am not sure about the cause he has attached to his act. May be that is to ensure that his feat is given wide coverage; even national papers are into this sort of symbolism which is sometimes repulsive and insensitive…


  6. I am not sure I would appreciate a blind folded/blind persons efforts to drive. Or for that matter any effort that might put someone else's life at risk.It is all right to challenge ones own handicap. But endangering somebody else? Never. And this cause was hardly noble, though well intended.I did get your sarcasm though.


  7. Think I read about his reverse driving in the Limca Book of Records….and some of these stunts are indeed dangerous… even I do not think it is going to promote peace of any sorts and this stunt is more for self gratification and publicity….Pray for the safety of our armed forces as they battle for our country's peace and security


  8. Renu, Sraboney– Yes, it does seem that these stunts are to get publicity for themselves.Vinodji– I expected that we would disagree on this point!I am not objecting to trying to break records in activities like swimming the English Channel or mountain climbing-even though they are potentialy dangerous. But driving blindfolded seems rather pointless. And dangerous to others, too. Just my opinion.Aparna– Yes, that's what I disliked about this the most- that the lives of other people may be at risk.Happy Kitten– Yes, we should pray for the security of our soldiers. I was truly saddened at the news of the attack in Srinagar, just as our government was rejoicing over the fact that there had been no such attacks for the past couple of years.


  9. I agree with you manju.. me my self never supporting these things as this may cause harm to others… and one thing I never understand is how a walk or cycle ride can promote peace…???


  10. Somehow these feats do seem scary. It does seem sad that we were one country before and now that we are not, we are constantly fighting with each other. We speak the same language, look alike . Yet so different… in many ways.


  11. 'I am against such stunts which could endanger other people. And are obviously against the law' – Absolutely! These stunts serve little purpose and in a lot of ways probably make it more difficult for people to do the things that actually matter.


  12. Lakshya– An easy way to fame?Radha– The main difference is that we think differently, and have different attitudes towards people following other faiths than ours.Smitha– I agree!


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