The Monday Morning Blues- and a Bloggers’ Lunch

Finally the mystery has been solved!

Last week, Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar was forced to adjourn the House because most of the MPs who had questions listed against their names were absent. The Speaker took a serious view of the situation, and said that she would write to political parties regarding this issue.

At the time no one knew that there was a very simple explanation for the absence of the MPs.

Apparently, MPs suffer from the Monday Blues!

‘The Lok Sabha MPs’ attendance record, shows that their attendance is generally low on Mondays, while it improves as the week progresses.’

On that particular day, November 30, which was a Monday, a record number of 216 MPs were absent from the House. On the only other Monday in the current session, on November 23, as many as 188 MPs were absent.

Maybe a workshop on ‘How to avoid the Monday Morning Blues’ would be beneficial for our MPs, or perhaps they should read up on some tips to beat the Monday blues .

Of course, the MPs are not the only ones who find it hard to shake off their lethargy on Monday mornings. School children, college students, and office goers, are all victims of this malady at some time or the other. Even home-makers like myself are not immune from this feeling.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to move Monday to some other place in the week, instead of at the beginning!

On a more cheerful note– the 5th of December was Bloggers’ Lunch Day- Like last time, we met in one of the few green areas of Mumbai. This time we were seven blogger friends in person, and the eighth in spirit- and by phone!

Ugich Konitari at ‘Gappa‘ and Kavi at ‘Kavi’s Musings‘ have written wonderful accounts of the lunch! Do have a look…



  1. Monday blues hit everyone. But I am not sure it hits politicians. They work/party on all days! I am sure the agenda for both Mondays would have uncovered the real reason. One the 'record' day, it was – yawn – Question Hour!I read Gappa's gripping account of the adventure that was you Bloggers' Lunch! May be some day Delhi based bloggers will also join in!


  2. Thanks for the mentions..! And indeed it was a super duper lunch. and i guess better than what gets discussed in parliament. Thats why we have attendance in bloggers meets and not as much in parliament


  3. Hear, hear!Besides , never heard of MP's swinging from Banyan trees. Lets not compare our meets to Parliament. We are so much more superior :-)The lunch was so much fun. Just wished Sucharita could have been present. Does anyone know the name of the Ad agency ? Should we do a blog on them ? 🙂


  4. 'Perhaps it would be a good idea to move Monday to some other place in the week, instead of at the beginning!'This is a soooper idea, Manju! Sonia is going to take action on her party's MPs, great, isn't it?!Will read about your lunch update! Hmmm, lucky, you people, nice to know you are meeting once in a while!


  5. hitch writer– Seeing what you missed? 🙂Vinodji– You have to admit it is an ingenious idea- that the MPs had the Monday blues! I wonder how the reporter came to think of it?Of course, Delhi bloggers are welcome to join in. 🙂Kavi, Ugich Konitari,– You are absolutely right- our discussions are definitely superior to what gets discussed in parliament!Sandhya– Glad you appreciate my idea! Yes, the Bloggers' lunches are fun- mostly thanks to our wonderful hostess, Ugich Konitari!


  6. Feel so envious of your blogger's meet..Cennai has so many bloggers, but nothing happens, may be we need one Ugich Konitari among us:)Politicians must be penalised for their absence, because if they dont want to do work, somebody else must be given a chance.


  7. Good to read that you have a trick to take on the politicians-I am very happy.I hope Ms Meira Kumar reads your post as till April this year even she was on this side of the table.I will read the details of lunch on Gappa.


  8. nd yesterday saw one of them sleeping ever so peacefully while the others were getting all heated up during the Liberhan discussion.. nd it reminded me of my school / college days…these fellows do have a gala time at the expense of the tax payers …bloggers meet…. how wonderful…


  9. Loved meeting you and the fanas poli 🙂 My hubby ate almost all of it leaving very little for me to munch 🙂 Tnx :)Looking forward to see you again


  10. Vivekji– Attendance allowance (specially for question hour) for MPs is a great idea!G– It's the easy way out- and their posts are great!Anjugandhi– You are so right!


  11. Renu– Yes, you should ask Ugich Konitari for tips! :)Maybe there could be some kind of required mininmum attendance?Chowlaji– I am sure that politicians can find loopholes in any solution we think up!Happy Kitten– Sleeping during such a heated discussion- yes, truly like school/ college kds! Nu– Great to meet you and G, too! Glad you liked the fanaspoli.


  12. thats really funny Manju.. monday blues for our MPs… are they workin hard like office goers and students??? 😛 :Pand the blogger meet is wonderful… enjoy 🙂 🙂


  13. In private sector, i always found people taking leave on friday to combine the week end..No one misses Monday, being the first day of the week…politicians are a different class na…


  14. Kanagu– Yes, I thought the idea was funny, too!You have met several blogger friends, haven't you? I remember reading about your meets on your blog.Sunder– You are right, it's different for politicians! 🙂Radha– If we expect too much from our politicians, we are bound to be disappointed!Chandrika Shubham– Welcome!


  15. I am just the opposite Manju. Mondays are my lifeline. I simply love them. The weekend is over, I have the house to myself to put in order again and run smoothly for five days before the cyclone weekend hits again! 😛
    Now I am heading to read about the lunch 🙂


  16. The bloggers’ lunch was a lot of fun!

    Did you come to this post from a link in your reader, Shail? Some of my old posts were shown again in the reader when I imported my earlier posts from Blogspot to WordPress.


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