Puneri Patriotism and the Map of India

This news report- shameful and hilarious at the same time- was published in the Indian Express today-

The cover page of the Environment Status Report (ESR) for 2008-09 by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) shows the map of India without the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

No one noticed this for a few months, but Shiv Sena leader, Shyam Deshpande pointed out the error yesterday.

Cutting across party lines, leaders from all parties have condemned this lapse on the part of the civic administration.

‘NCP leader Anil Bhosale said the incident has brought focus on the laxity of the civic administration and failure of the municipal commissioner to keep a check on his staff.

‘Congress leader Ulhas Bagul said the negligence of the civic administration has brought shame to all.

‘BJP leader Mukta Tilak said the civic administration has insulted the soldiers of the country.’

Pune Mayor, Rajlaxmi Bhosle has issued an order for strong action against those responsible.
Additional municipal commissioner Umakant Dangat has assured that ‘ a detailed inquiry would be conducted and stern action will be initiated against the guilty.’

‘Meanwhile, garden superintendent Bhanudas Mane under whose department the task of preparing the ESR falls said the disputed image of the globe showing the map of India was downloaded from the Internet.

As to why this happened-
Which of the following do you think is the likeliest reason for this happening?

1. Geography has stopped being taught in Indian schools.

2. Pune administration employees are illiterate.

3. Pune administration employees are agents of the ISI.

4. No Govt. of India website has a map of India, so it has to be downloaded from a Pakistani site.

5. Google is an agent of the ISI.

6. Indians have ceased to care whether J & K remains in India or not.

7. Any other reason?



  1. Barring a few exceptions, today, being in a position of authority means accelerated undefined earnings, and blatant inattention to the needs of those you are supposed to "serve". (I hesitated to type the word "serve").Nobody wants to read, anything except numbers on currency notes. Reports are prepared to be "not accepted", and so, never read. Its a copy-paste world . At one time , the commissioner of Pune would have resigned himself on this issue, taking responsibility of the lack of supervision. Today, the few people , who try and learn different skills on their measly paying jobs, are targetted. I just hope Google doesnt have an office in Pune. Someone needs to make a decent apology, rectify the mistake and reprint the cover. (Nobody reads inside, why waste paper; its a report on environment; save trees).At one time called the "maika of learning", todays Pune administration is a poster-city of how the white ants of corruption have eaten in. I grew up there. It was never like this. 😦


  2. Most of India does not seem to care whether J&K is part of India or not. It is a distant problem and a long standing one….why bother???That seems to be the unspoken truth. Now coming to this unnoticed gaffe that you mentioned. This is so typical of a shoddy job that only a government body can manage. To vote on the choice given…let us all agree and say the printer is an ISI agent and condemn him, order an enquiry, and debar the printer from all future contracts.:-) or shd it be 😦


  3. i saw this many years ago in the maps made in the USA…they had pushed j&k out of india. it just goes to show on umpteen repettions of a mistake it become a rule – just like the thumping of the congress as the savior has happened


  4. Like a reader has pointed out, all government jobs are shoddy. They must have had a tender for the printing, the lowest quote which would have been as a result of money paid out, would have been chosen over a competent printer/agency and the result is for all to see.


  5. Antarman– Yes, this is a sensitive issue. And they published it on the cover of an official government report!Ugich Konitari– No, Pune was not like this. But this attitude is not specific to Pune- it is just a coincidence that this lapse happened in Pune.This could have- perhaps has– happened anywhere in India.Mavin– Yes, as you say, this is typical of a shoddy job executed by a govt. body. And I pray that it is just carelessness and not intentional, as anyone seems to be capable of being bought nowadays.


  6. I just think people don't care any more and also like others have pointed out, govt. officials are lax…They are more interested in harassing people and making money than doing their jobs right…


  7. Well, we could talk about how careless officials are, how shrill rhetoric is, how lovely the days of the past were ! And all of that is both true, correct and indeed pertinent. At another level, we can talk about lines on maps. And how irrelevant they are ! This is one planet ! And as he says in 'The Inconvenient Truth'…its just a pale blue dot ! The lines really shouldnt matter ! But how otherwise reality is ! Sigh


  8. Anrosh– Yes, after many repetitions, a mistake becomes a rule. I guess we ought to be grateful that people at least objected to this lapse!Radha– As you say, it probably is a printer's mistake. But inexcusable that no officer checked the report before publishing it


  9. Sraboney– I agree- people probably don't care any more- so sad!Kavi– As usual- you have given a different perspective!I agree, lines on a map shouldn't matter. And in Utopia, they would not, perhaps.But just think. If we lived near the border between Pakistan and India. And one day the border was shifted so that our homes were suddenly on the Pakistani side. Would we want to be Hindus living in Pakistan? What would be our fate then?In such a case we would care where the border was drawn on the map!


  10. We are surrounded by a bunch of careless babus who know that beyond transferring them ,the Govt can do anything more than that.It is just the attitude.After it has been noticed,an enquiry commission will be set up which will take years to submit a report.


  11. This is not the first incident. For quite some time NDTV kept showing parts of Ladakh, Uttarakhand and the North East as a part of China. That was obviously because the maps were downloaded from the net and guys there did not bother to carry out a check. I wrote a number of emails to NDTV but nothing happened. I then even sent an email to the I&B ministry. Again no response. Finally, after I began blogging, I wrote a post. That worked!Many years back, when we had only DD, a similar goof-up happened. After a lot of calls, I got the phone number of someone well placed in DD and told him. The response was immediate.It is not only the error of the PMC and the others that should worry us. I am quite sure no one other than told NDTV and DD that they had made such a big mistake. Something similar has happened in this case also. I am not able to understand as to why in this age when everyone is so aware this is happening.A number of bloggers are making the same mistake too. One I did tell.Yes, there is no doubt that incorrect maps of India are all over the net. But the correct ones, as per India, are also there. I don't know whether it is ignorance or indifference that is responsible for this.


  12. KParthasarathiPictures of the national flag upside down– really one wonders how people cannot notice such a glaring mistake!Kanagu– Very true- 'no wonder at times we are forgetting our nation..'Chowlaji– Yes it is the attitude, and such an unfortunate one!Vinodji– I am not surprised that you received no response from NDTV to your e-mails. In fact, I am amazed that you could get responses to your blog-post and phone call to DD!I found this website that seems to be an official govt. website- http://india.gov.in/default.php Lots of information, but no political map of India. I cannot find a govt website with an easily downloadable map.


  13. This is sheer indifference. As you have mentioned, the Govt. website at least should have an easily downloadable correct map of India. Otherwise people will just look for the v shape (peninsular shape) and take a print-out.


  14. I feel since the map was downloaded, no one cared to check…i wish i see a map without j&k and see for myself whether i can find that out ? hmm


  15. Sandhya– Yes, this should be an easily downloadable mapof India available online. Perhaps there already is one on some govt site- but it is not easy to find!Sunder– It is not that difficult to recognise when a map of India has omitted the state of J & K. 🙂


  16. Looks like everyone else except the Indians wants the map to be such and we Indians are least bothered!Today while talking to a colleague, he told me that the one quality missing from Indians which is present in every other citizen of the world is patriotism.. nd is it not true? most of us are happy living for each one of us but not for the nation…


  17. Happy Kitten, Anrosh– I think that we are likely to find that even our own interest is best served if we all think about our country. I don't think that it is any great sacrifice we make by being patriotic.


  18. Anrosh: I do agree with your point .. another version of it would be "unless one loves oneself one cant love another"..but then as Manju pointed out if one loves one's country it serves our own purpose too…I checked up the meaning of patriotism:a devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country; national loyalty. guess we can support it many ways and be patriotic..not many will choose to die for his/her country.


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