Much has been written about the UPA’s recent austerity measures, but after reading about Rahul Gandhi’s trip on the ‘Austerity Express’, I could not resist writing something here, too!

The Indian Express informs us that Rahul Gandhi now has a head start in the great austerity march.Yesterday, he refused an Executive Class seat- which he is entitled to as an MP, and travelled economy class on the Swarn Shatabdi Express.

“Rahul, who sat in the first row, was served vegetarian breakfast, on normal cutlery. Reportedly he demanded that he be served water too in a plastic cup like the other passengers.

However, ‘Rahul had some nervous moments’ as sharp stones shattered windowpanes of the moving train in Babarpur village near Gharaunda town on the way back. Panipat SP Srikant Jadhav said that it was probably the handiwork of village boys.

Haryana cops and forensic experts are probing the attack on Rahul’s train .

Rohtak range Inspector General of Police V. Kamaraj said that the matter was under investigation. And that people in nearby villages were being questioned.

I wonder just what all the forensic experts are doing? Taking the fingerprints of all the children in the area and matching them with any found on the stones?

And how many policemen have left their usual duties, and are busy rounding up village kids on the suspicion of throwing stones?

“A child who was sitting next to the smashed window could have been hurt. If this has happened because of Rahul travelling on this train, it would be better if such VIPs don’t travel with the public. The stone hit the window like a bullet and landed in with glass pieces,” one passenger said.

Maybe it would be cheaper, and safer (for other passengers) if Rahul Gandhi travelled in 5-Star style?

On a different note– This blog has completed one year today.

Many thanks to my blogger friends- I don’t think I would have continued to blog this long without your encouragement and support!
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