Though these sort of news reports are becoming increasingly commonplace, this news from Guwahati still shocked me today.

A college student was burnt to death by three of his friends after they had an altercation over a T-shirt, police said here today.

Nitumoni Das, a first-year student of Dimoria College, was staying in rented accomodations near the college. Three of his college friends had an argument with him over a t-shirt, and subsequently poured kerosene over him and set him on fire.

His father stated,

Before he expired, Nitumoni narrated the incident and said three of his friends set him on fire after he refused to give them his T-shirt.”

Just yesterday, there was this news that nine students of Agartala Government Medical College were expelled from the boys’ hostel after they grievously injured a first year student. It appears though, that they have not been expelled from the college, nor disciplined otherwise.

“This boy allegedly stole a laptop from a second year student and was subjected to nightlong physical torture. It was so vicious that a hot iron was pressed against his back,”

 an official source said.

This entire second year batch ( fourteen students) had earlier also been expelled from the hostel for a month for ‘physically abusing first year students as part of the “ragging” process.

There was also this recent news report from Delhi

Police officers said the 17-year-old victim ( a fresher student of the Industrial Training Institute in Vivek Vihar in East Delhi ) was made to strip, forced to dance naked, and beaten up when he resisted. The victim has injuries on his genitals and needed three stitches, said the police’.

What is wrong with today’s youngsters that these type of incidents have become so commonplace? Student violence against fellow students- whether ragging or otherwise- have become everyday events. Most people are not even shocked by them any more, and just shrug and forget about them.

Are today’s youth so used to instant gratification of demands that they cannot ever take no for an answer? So much that they can kill a fellow student over a t-shirt?

Is torturing fellow students so much fun for them, that they do not care even if someone dies for their ‘fun’? Has a human life no value at all for today’s students?

I can only repeat what I wrote in an earlier post-

Having destroyed earlier ideals, we have failed to give our children any new ones that they can look up to.
We have allowed them- no- taught them, to despise any sort of regulations. So they feel that they are free to do whatever they feel like doing. They want freedom without responsibility.

We are now reaping the harvest of what we have sowed.

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