Want To Be A Witch?

Reading Sraboney’s latest ‘silly’ post, I decided to write one, too!

In these times of recession people are trying out all sorts of unusual jobs and occupations which they would not have considered before. But the job I read about the other day has to be one of the most unusual and outlandish! –

Do you want to earn 80,000 dollars a year? Then try casting a spell .

The job is in England.

Somerset tourist attraction Wookey Hole caves is advertising for a “witch” and has already received 100 applicants since the beginning of the week.

The successful candidate, who will be living in a “spacious” cave, has to cackle, not be allergic to cats and will be asked to perform “a range of tasks” including magic at an open audition scheduled for July 28.

“We want a friendly witch with a devilish element,” said Gayle Pennington, marketing assistant at the caves said.

There are other unusual jobs out there, too.

There are cat-nannies and donkey-trainers, parachute testers and turkey-wranglers.

There are mattress-testers and wall-paper-peelers and romance specialists.

So why not be a witch?

BTW- to comply with sexual discrimination laws. the job is open to men, women and trans-gender witches.

Any takers?



  1. The recession is doing strange things to people, isnt it ? I guess they must have come up with this one, after someone must have been swept out of an organisation…along with the broom !So, there is a position in the offing. I wonder who will volunteer. But if you ask people to nominate…i guess there will be quite some people nominating others…!:DGood fun. Reading this post


  2. Wow!! Thats what I call tempting alternative career options 🙂 and not a bad one either for 80k! I have heard that there are real witches – so who knows 🙂


  3. I am surprised there are only 100 applicants!Despite the infamous and very cruel Witch Hunt launched in Europe by the Church in the middle ages to remove all alternative religions, witches are still around. I won't be surprised if they stage a dramatic comeback in the near future – especially if the recession lasts.


  4. Why do I think they will outsource to India for the witches? 80 K indeed! And we even have devilish witches with a friendly element. All it takes is for someone to apply from here, and it will soon be a case of buy one, get one free. Tsk Tsk.


  5. Kavi– I agree, there are likely to be people nominating others!Smitha– Nice opportunity for a real witch; she could do the magic tricks required without any effort!Vinodji– Yes, I would have expected thousands of applicants.:)Ugich Konitari'buy one get one free'-good one! Mavin– Maybe vacuum cleaners?:)


  6. I would like to be the one who measures the dumbness level of everyone and everything around me . Say , the latest hindi flick , reality tv , ad , novel , etc. etc.


  7. Everytime I hear witch all I can think of is the wicca witch(or something along these lines) that a 'witch' whose name is Ipsita Roy calls herself:DAre humans turning into loonies you think?:D


  8. Haha…desperate time call for desperate measures…if Kislay wants to be the dumb tester I would enjoy dumb puncher…one slap to get the dumb back to their senses…sorry if I sound aggressive !!;)


  9. "The successful candidate, who will be living in a "spacious" cave, has to cackle, not be allergic to cats and will be asked to perform "a range of tasks" including magic at an open audition scheduled for July 28."Are they going to show this in the TV?!!! Only 100 applicants?!! I can't believe!!


  10. Sandhya– It would be interesting to watch the auditions on TV!BTW- Probably due to Blogger problems, I am not able to log in to your blog- I seem to have missed a couple of your posts.:(


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