Suranga (Ugich Konitari) of gappa requested me to take up this meme. I usually do not do tags- in fact I have several pending. But, finding it difficult to say no to someone I have come to respect and admire very much, I decided to do this one.-

Four Places I’d Like to Go, or Things I’d Like to Do:

1. Kashmir- I have never gone there- we planned several times but plans fell through for some reason or the other. Not likely now.
2. I’d like to see a tropical rain forest in South America- they say the houses are built on stilts there.
3. Swim the Dharamtar Creek – also not likely now.
4. Around the world in eighty days!

Four Places I Have Lived:

1. Montreal & Winnipeg, Canada- childhood years
2. A small town here in Maharashtra (can’t tell the name!)- high school years
3. Pune- college years
4. Mumbai university, job, marriage-

Four Places I Have Been on Vacation:

1. Sikkim- I would have stayed there forever if I had the choice…
2. Kerala backwaters
3. Kokan (Dive-agar, Shrivardhan, etc.)
4. Goa
(Anywhere near the ocean is a preferred vacation for me. I’m lucky to live in Mumbai. The beaches are not the best- but I can experience the sea breeze whenever I feel like it!)

Four Food or Drinks I Have Liked:

1. Vada-pav ( I’m a Mumbaikar, after all!)
2. Gulab Jamun- my favourite!
3. Mangoes
4. Cashew juice

Four Books or Movies I could Read or Watch Again:

1. ‘Madame Curie’- biography of Marie Curie by her daughter. A favourite of mine in younger days.
2. The movie ‘Oliver Twist'(with Mark Lester in the leading role)
3. The old Prabhat films in Marathi- ‘Manus’, ‘Kunku’, and ‘Ram Shastri’.
4. The movie ‘Adventures in Babysitting’ (with Elizabeth Shue as the babysitter)-it’s hilarious!

Four Works of Art Before Which I’ve Stood (or Sat):
I’m not very ‘arty’, but I liked-

1. Warli tribal art
2. Carvings at the Konark Sun Temple (I think Suranga wrote this too)
3. ‘Ice sculptures’ I saw as a child in Winnipeg
4. Some inlay work in wood that we saw at an exhibition in Mysore.

Four Figures From the Past Whom I’d Like to Watch at Work or Meet for Dinner:

1. Nostradamus- to ask him how he made his predictions.
2. King Arthur- always loved stories about him.
3. Mahakavi Kalidas-
4. G.B.Shaw- I would enjoy discussing his economic/political views with him.

Four People I Think Might Take it Upon Themselves to Take Up This Meme:
At least I hope they will!-

1. Mavin
2. Vinod Sharma
3 .Marie
4. Anrosh

edited to add
Anrosh has completed the tag (very fast!) and sent it to me by e-mail. I’m posting her answers here as per her request….

4 things i’d like to do / travel

learn to make cloth ( like a weaver)
travel the textile trails of the world
paint and write more

4 places i have vacationed

chikoovadi ( it is a quiet non touristy beach in maharastra ) not very far from bombay
lonovala in the rains
many places in the US

4 places i have lived

wouldn’t want to identify online .. you can guess some already.

4 food or drinks i have liked

roe (fish’s egg) with ginger, chilies and salt
tamalesicecream for breakfast
and coconut-garlic chutney just like how the marathi manoos makes it with gobi ka paratha.

4 books or movies i would watch again

i wouldn’t read any book again until i have to take an exam !
movies a second time only when i am thoroughly bored !

4 works of art which i have stood

artists who make huge porttraits on the street. – very popular in bombay –at least used to.
artists who make ganpatis during ganesh utsov ( with vegetables, thread, — it is mind boggling to see what possibilities these artists come up with )
these days we find many on the blog —

4 figures with i would like to have dinner with/work with.

my mother in law’s father (past)
work with sandy weil ( the ex ceo of citigroup) – i always wonder how he pioneered many things in the financial world !
ayn rand swami vivekanada, subhash chandra bose.

edited again to add
Vinod Sharma has also completed the tag and I am posting his answers here-

4 things I would like to do/travel

Travel back and forward in time
Become invisible at will
Visit Lhasa
Visit Machu Picchu

4 places I have vacationed


4 Places I have lived in

Others I have forgotten (Selective Amnesitis!)

4 foods or drinks that I have liked

Papri chaat
Jaljeera (boring guy!)

4 books or movies I would watch again

Amar Prem (Totally desi)

4 works of art before which I have stood

Tibetan Tankhas
Picasso( wondering why people pay)
Raja Ravi Verma
Old Film posters

4 figures I would like to have dinner with/work with

Marilyn Monroe (dinner, not work)
Madhubala (——do——-)
Laloo Yadav( What is life without humor?)


Mavin has also completed the tag and here are his answers-

Four Places I’d Like to Go, or Things I’d Like to Do:

1 Tibet
2 Cambodia – Angkor Wat temples
3 Egypt-Jordan-Israel
4 I would like to fly an airplane

Four Places I Have Lived:

1 Kolkatta
2 Mumbai – East
3 Mumbai – West
4 Mumbai – North West

Four Places I Have Been on Vacation:

1 London
2 San Fransisco
3 Binsar – Uttaranchal
4 Munnar – Kerala

Four Food or Drinks I Have Liked:

1 Red Wine
2 White Wine
3 Champagne
4 Baileys Liquer

Four Books or Movies I could Read or Watch Again:

1. P G Wodehouse series again and again
2. Sherlock Holmes series
3. Swami Vivekanand’s works
4. Mulan – 1 and 2 (I am a great fan of Mushu)

Four Works of Art Before Which I’ve Stood (or Sat):

1. Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings
2. The “Pieta” at the Vatican…..a brilliant piece of sculpture
3. Michaelangelo’s David
4. The CST building (also known in Mumbai lingo as VT station)…is a brilliant work of art.

Four Figures From the Past Whom I’d Like to Watch at Work or Meet for Dinner:

1. Swami Vivekananda
2. John F Kennedy
3. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
4. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj