Coming soon to your TV screen, to be viewed in the comfort of your living room- perhaps inspired by the Paris Hilton- Nicole Ritchie reality series, “The Simple Life”, perhaps by the wildly successful movie- “Slumdog Millionaire” … Of course the producers say that this is an original concept they have come up with.

It is UTV Bindass’ new reality show- “Switch”.
The CEO of the channel Zarina Mehta says, “The show will try to bring about life-changing experiences for both the rich and the poor by bringing them together.”

She explains the concept- “12 rich youngsters will be partnered with 12 youngsters from an underprivileged background and they will stay in a slum for 14 days and 14 nights. Together they will complete a number of tasks — like collecting garbage, cleaning toilets and making dung cakes — which is a part of everyday life there.”

But of course the poor kids will not lose out– “each rich participant will help his/her poorer partner’s dream come true which could be anything — building a house for their family or meeting Shah Rukh Khan.”

The casting for this show is very important. Two participants have been selected. The others will be handpicked from across India”.

One wonders what qualifications will be required.

Yesterday’s ‘Indian Express, Mumbai Newsline’ declares- “Zarina Mehta makes rich youngsters experience the seamier side of life.”

Seamier side? I wonder how the people living in slums would like their life to be described like this.

Perhaps the money and effort expended in making such a television series would be put to better use if used to help the people living in slums?

But of course that is not the aim of such a show.

The aim is to show rich kids the ‘seamier side of life.”

And of course to satisfy the increasing demand from viewers for such voyeuristic entertainment.