Celebrities and the Elections

Stars & industrialists vote, people keep awayIndian Express.com informs us, as the report goes on to relate how movie stars performed the highest feats of Patriotism by coming out to vote in Mumbai today.

So we learn that Stars and Industrialists are not ‘people’! Heavenly beings, maybe?

I particularly enjoyed the information that “India Inc has shown a deep interest in the elections, which comes just five months after the 26/11 terror strikes in the city that claimed over 160 lives.”

I suppose we, the ordinary public, should be suitably grateful for this show of National Spirit.

Aamir Khan informs us , the Straits Times reports,”Being an Indian it is our duty to come out and vote.”

“Shahrukh Khan, who held the previous Bollywood box office record with ‘Om Shanti Om,’ said voters should choose the best-qualified candidates and be patient for change.”

John Abraham explains the Power of Democracy‘After 26/11 (the November 26 Islamist militant attacks on Mumbai) you saw the power of democracy. People were very angry against the government. The chief minister (of Maharashtra state) had to resign.

The Hindustan Times informs us that “In the great equaliser that are the elections, the stars of the silver screen and the celebrity industrialists were the cynosure of all eyes but got no preferential treatment.”

India’s biggest celebrities on Thursday came out in droves from their airconditioned homes to wait in queue patiently for their turn to vote.”

How very noble of them!

I suppose as far as the media is concerned, “all voters are equal, but some are more equal than others”, even in a Democracy.



  1. And my household help, Kausalyabai, wiped her face after coming in from the noon-day sun, shook her head and said , ” Ek taas lineet thamble, pan majha navach nahi mhantaat…..bekar mansa, sagle paise khaoo loke…..”…..This is a verbatim report of what is being said by the real people of India, which will never be reported.


  2. Didn’t understand the comment above…’After 26/11 (the November 26 Islamist militant attacks on Mumbai) you saw the power of democracy. People were very angry against the government. The chief minister (of Maharashtra state) had to resign.’ – John AbrahamWhat happened to the power of democracy and people’s anger? I guess most of the people who lit candles after 26/11 are in Goa or Mahabaleshwar enjoying the long weekend…


  3. I think this film star and celebrity drama is on mainly because the media shows them the whole day almost. Free publicity never hurts. Plus they have to be seen to be doing what American celebrities do!Did I see a single camera in a slum? Did I see them talking about ordinary Mumbaikars? All channels were focusing only on their kind of people not coming out to vote. Some were in fact justifying that it was pointless to vote because they did not have the numbers and ultimately slumdogs(my word) would vote for the Shiv Sena. There is so much of arrogance and disconnect with other Indians that one feels sick. Some of these guys actually think that it is only their right to choose who should rule and that others are just not fit to do it.


  4. ugich konitari- Very true! But people like Kausalyabai are nobodies in the eyes of the media…Sraboney- Loosely translated it means-“I stood in line for one hour, but my name was not in the list. They are all corrupt..”Vinodji- Yes, this is the impression we get from their remarks- that only they are competent and others, less fortunate, are imbeciles.


  5. Well it seems now that voting is also becoming just a style statement of “heavenly bodies”, to show that they are concerned.Thats what i am disgusted at. I think including telling ordinary people to vote, the actors must first of all look into their own fraternity, and dare to say something about those actors who have jumped in politics.And i feel this thing :Money helps to reduce effect of who is elected”. as far as i actors are concerned, i think they never get affected that much by the elected candidate, they have money too.And the low voting in these elections is a hint or a suggestion: that something is terribly wrong with present system. and It needs reforms.


  6. it is all about “POWER “”ugich konala pann kashala bhav dhyaych !? — manju i hope u can read this because this is marathi written in english :)democratic governments help to fantasize that we live in a equal society but we know it is not true. some body rules today and someone else will rule tomorrow. he will have his set of court jesters in his chamber to help him decide or agree with him.opinions will be dished and suggestions will be taken but the man on the throne will rule! most have 5 fingers and some have six. if all were equal, our hands would not be as useful as it is now. so nature has decided it for us that there will be varying degrees of equality. sometimes the index finger is more dominant than the other. some individuals in society will have more importance than the others. some countries will dominate more than the others.some countries will greedily clammer away resources leaving bits and pieces at the foot of the table to others. some countries will rule for some time and the rattle will be passed on to others just like in a relay race. There can never be two heads , there will always be only one. Nature has said it. some countries may not rule all the time but they will be strong. we cannot do away without them, just like the thumb. some countries have symbiotic relationship with the others. some individuals will pretend to be weaker, but they are strong during a crisis. sometimes the little finger will rule – just like smaller countries ( in size) will overpower the others. When many countries will gain prominence at the same time, the earth will make a noise, a violent noise.


  7. As you said the ones who stood in line to vote were mere people but the ones who flew from faraway vacation homes and IPL matches are heavenly beings.


  8. This whole election Tamasha and the way we strut proudly every five years( and sometimes even earlier ) that we are the world’s biggest democracy seems like such a big farce at times…the first comment said it all


  9. The question is .. is India’s urban middle class youth really interested in the issues ? Seeing a slum-dweller they would just switch the channel ….


  10. R.K.- Yes, voting has become just a style statement for movie stars, etc.Kavi- Ha! Ha! Very funny! Anrosh- So true- it is but natural that perfect equality can never be achieved, maybe it would not even be desirable for the smooth working of society. It is more the assumption that Movie stars, etc. are doing something noble by voting, that is irritating. As if they have obliged the rest of us by ‘getting their feet dirty’ by walking in the mud!


  11. Solilo- Yes,it was reported in almost all the newspapers that SRK flew in, leaving the IPL, to vote! :)Indyeah- I agree, it does seem like a farce..Vikram- Exactly who is interested in the issues facing our society is really a difficult question to answer, I think.The upper classes just seem to be interested in maintaining the status quo. Underprivileged people are caught up in their day-to-day problems. The educated middle class youth should be interested in real issues. But trivial issues seem to be getting the most publicity today.


  12. Yes, we are just ‘people’ – the celebrities and the politicians are certainly ‘heavenly beings’!!!!! Trivial issues certainly seem to be getting the most publicity.. Yest we got tired of watching Barkha Dutt – so decided to check out Star News for a change – and you know what, they were very busy discussing wardrobes of politicians – yes wardrobes!!!!!


  13. Smitha- Given the intelligence level of some of our politicians, I’m beginning to think that their wardrobes may actually be more important than their opinions!


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