Stars & industrialists vote, people keep awayIndian informs us, as the report goes on to relate how movie stars performed the highest feats of Patriotism by coming out to vote in Mumbai today.

So we learn that Stars and Industrialists are not ‘people’! Heavenly beings, maybe?

I particularly enjoyed the information that “India Inc has shown a deep interest in the elections, which comes just five months after the 26/11 terror strikes in the city that claimed over 160 lives.”

I suppose we, the ordinary public, should be suitably grateful for this show of National Spirit.

Aamir Khan informs us , the Straits Times reports,”Being an Indian it is our duty to come out and vote.”

“Shahrukh Khan, who held the previous Bollywood box office record with ‘Om Shanti Om,’ said voters should choose the best-qualified candidates and be patient for change.”

John Abraham explains the Power of Democracy‘After 26/11 (the November 26 Islamist militant attacks on Mumbai) you saw the power of democracy. People were very angry against the government. The chief minister (of Maharashtra state) had to resign.

The Hindustan Times informs us that “In the great equaliser that are the elections, the stars of the silver screen and the celebrity industrialists were the cynosure of all eyes but got no preferential treatment.”

India’s biggest celebrities on Thursday came out in droves from their airconditioned homes to wait in queue patiently for their turn to vote.”

How very noble of them!

I suppose as far as the media is concerned, “all voters are equal, but some are more equal than others”, even in a Democracy.