An attempt to imitate participants in a reality show, MTV’s “Roadies”, ended in a tragedy recently, the death of a nine year old boy.

He “had watched the episode where two female contestants, Palak and Polomi, were made to stand on a wooden stool with their hands tied. A rope was also placed around their neck. Another semi-finalist, Noman, was then given three minutes to save one of them“.

He had watched the episode with his friends and then tried to imitate the stunt. His uncle later found him hanging from the ceiling fan.

Dr Rachna Khanna Singh, lifestyle management expert says that children always want to copy whatever seems cool. ” It is for parents to make it clear that what’s cool may not be safe.

Students who have watched episodes of MTV Roadies say, that a warning not to try the stunts at home, is not displayed prominently enough.

The I&B minister of state Anand Sharma said, “It is a moral and legal responsibility on part of the television producers to show a warning that that these stunts should not be tried at home.

He said “If there’s a dangerous stunt, they must adhere to the rule. We are concerned over reports that some people are not doing it.”

Reality shows are very popular these days. Is anyone really concerned that tragedies like this may happen?

And who is to blame if something tragic does happen?

The producers of the show? For not displaying the warnings more prominently?

The I & B Ministry? For not ensuring that the shows adhere to the rules?

The parents? For not making sure that children understand that they should not try these stunts themselves?

Or television viewers in general? Because if there were no viewers for these shows, they would not be produced.