This is really not a suitable topic for a post, but I enjoyed reading this story and thought others might, too.

A gentleman named Darin Winkler was out on a walk with his two sons a few days ago when he found a very unusual object.

Spring and high water brings up various kinds of things on shore,” said Winkler. . “We saw an old flattened basketball and a bunch of bottles. Mostly they were whiskey bottles. But this one stood out.”

It was a bottle, with an old-fashioned cork-stopper. Darin Winkler went to have a closer look. And that’s when they saw there was a message in the bottle.

Taking it out, they saw that it was a letter. Some parts of the paper had deteriorated but most of it could be read.

March 30, 1913

Dear friend,

Who ever finds this bottle, please write in … at Rockford, within the next two years … and let me know it… Will put it in …Spokane … North East … state of Wa …

Yours truly,

Emmett Presnell

Darin later found out that Emmett Presnell died at age 85, on May 13, 1978, in a local nursing home. Emmet Presnell would have been around twenty years old when he put the letter in the bottle.

Had he thought that someone would find it and answer it?

Perhaps he had thought the bottle he had sent out into the river would come ashore in some far-off land and he would receive an answer from there.

Those were the days when people wrote letters, not e-mails, and it would take some days for a letter to be delivered.

Had he wondered why he never received an answer, perhaps waiting for the postman every day, only to be disappointed?

In the movie, The Lake House, the main characters, Kate and Alex, communicate with each other by putting letters in the mailbox, though they are separated by two years in time.

If such an option were possible, Darin Winkler could put an answering letter into the same bottle and send it off in the water, hoping that it would reach Emmett Presnell in the past!