Of Shoes and Slippers

We are privileged to view on television how our Lok Sabha regularly turns into a three ring circus with the MPs storming the well of the house, breaking chairs, shouting at each other and ignoring anything the Speaker tries to say. We are so used to this that we do not expect anything else.

I always thought that the situation in our Courts was different. So I was surprised and also amused to read this morning about the Slipper- throwing in our Supreme Court.

Perhaps influenced by the shoe-throwing episode involving former US president George W Bush, members of the Boss School of Music on Friday swung a slipper at a Supreme Court judge.


The incident occurred in a court presided over by Justice Arijit Pasayat, who was hearing their petition along with Justice A.K. Ganguly.”

The four women and one man were from the controversial Boss School of Music.

“Parents of some students at The Boss School of Music had approached the Bombay High Court accusing the teachers of hypnotising the children and practising black magic. The HC had ordered a probe against the school.Yesterday, arguing their case before the bench in the Supreme Court, the petitioners began using abusive language. They demanded that the Bombay High Court judges be jailed for initiating contempt proceedings against them. Sarida Parekh, one of those standing before the bench, suddenly flung a slipper at Justice Pasayat.”In December last year, a TV reporter named Muntazer al-Zaidi stood up in the middle of a news conference in Baghdad, and threw two shoes at the then American President George W. Bush.

Earlier this month an angry Iranian citizen threw a shoe at President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the city of Urumiye.

The lady in our Supreme Court yesterday must have thought that throwing a shoe might be too un-Indian. Why not throw a slipper instead?





  1. I think this is the modified version of “shoe-beating”. Since these guys can’t be reached with shoes in hand, so the next best is to send the shoes across. Zaidi will long be remembered as the guy who revived this ancient practice which, till he he took aim at an alert Bush who ducked, had got confined to being expressed verbally only.


  2. This seems to be such a crazy case! And the gall of the petitioners to behave like that..were they trying to argue their case or get arrested?This Chappal/joota culture is in certain countries only..perhaps because we think a slap or a chappal/joota say things better than an abuse ever could..they symbolise the ultimate insult


  3. Vinodji- Maybe such behaviour can be justified when it is against politicians- though I personally don’t think so- but not against a Supreme Court judge!Indyeah- Yes, it does seems to be a weird case. I remember all sorts of accusations being made regarding the school at the time parents began to protest aginst it.Sahaja- Bad manners- certainly! Also very sad that the petitioners have no faith at all in either the High Cout or the Supreme Court.


  4. This woman obviously has bad manners and is probably guilty…How can a person throw a slipper at another? As I have been saying for a while to my friends, Indians are probably one of the rudest people on Earth…


  5. Much controversy surrounds this school. As the scandal blew up there was concern but as it is with many things, this too was hushed up and people soon forgot about it except those affected.The Police / other authorities will have to go deep into this matter and unravel the mystery. These are just diversionary tactics and of course show themselves in a poor light.


  6. Bones- I don’t know whether we are one of the rudest people- but such physical expression of feelings are unfortunately on the increase.Mavin- I remember the wild rumours that went around at the time when this case got much publicity. I think it was a year or two ago?vjkrishna- Welcome to the blog!Inder- Probably. 🙂


  7. Seems quite a bit odd given our history. I guess things have remained under the carpet for a long while now..and peoples frustrations are playing up. am not condoning the act. Not by a long way. I wonder where we are headed…


  8. Kavi- Where are we headed? That’s something we would all like to know!Solilo- Yes, both the newspapers and the TV news channels want to give only controversial news.


  9. Nice post! You write well, adding you to my roll!!By the way play this shoe throwing game designed with Bush as the target. I hope someone designs a chappal game. Ha hahttp://www.nobleflash.com/index.php/game/4566/Bush-throwing-shoe-game/Keep Blogging!!


  10. Manju, Yes probably, the lady must have been inspired by the ‘shoe throwing at Bush’ incident.. I just hope this does not become a favoured mode of protest 🙂 As for controversial news – guess thats what sells – for the newspapers and the news channels..


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