Are you one of those people who never turn off your cell phone? Do you have a panic attack if you think you have misplaced it? Do you become stressed out when you lose network connectivity?

Well then, it seems you may be suffering from Nomophobia. The Urban Dictionary defines Nomophobia as “an exaggerated, inexplicable, and illogical fear of being without a mobile device, power source, or service area“.

The term Nomophobia is an abbreviation for No- Mobile-phone phobia. You-Gov, a UK based research organisation, was commissioned by the UK Post Office last year, to take a survey relating to anxieties suffered by mobile phone users.

The study found that about 58 percent of men and 48 percent of women suffer from the phobia. An additional 9 percent feel stressed when their mobile phones are off.

Most of those surveyed said that not being able to keep in touch with friends or family was the main reason they got anxious when they could not use their mobile phones.

This new phobia has made its way to Indian society, too, as discovered in a study recently carried out on 200 students of the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College at Indore.

The study said that “20 per cent of the respondents get irritated when there was congestion in the network and 69 per cent turn highly tensed when cell phone networks fails completely.”

“As per the survey, 15 per cent students had seen dreams in which they lost their mobile sets; twelve per cent said there was no life without cell phones.”

The study revealed that usage of mobile phones was higher in female students compared to their male counterparts.”

New technology has brought many benefits to us and completely transformed our lives. But it seems that it has also brought new types of phobias, too!


25 thoughts on “Nomophobia!”

  1. hmm …i dont feel panic but i do depend on my mobile phone… makes me in touch with my family….and if i am going out alone, or travelling on business…then i want to have compulsorily mobile! i never get irritated / panic when network is lost though!Ahh so dependent r we on these little gadgets!


  2. I guess the opposite of nomophobia should be nomophilia…any studies done on that?Mobiles have become an inseparable part of our lives. Who would have thought so 15 years back? Soon this nomophobia will get modified…people will get stressed out if they can get the audio but not the streaming video on their mobile phones!


  3. i keep my mobile ON all the time. and i don’t care if the reception was good, bad or ugly. oh my god! probably i don’t give a damn about my family and friends. hmmm.. that is bad of me.. 😦


  4. nope not reached this stage yet..and first time that I have heard of this term :)its fascinatinmg and horrifying and very real isnt it?most of us have become slaves of technology …I dont like cells much though..


  5. I may momentarily panic if I dont find my mobile phone but i rarely even care if there isnt any signal and I find myself outside coverage area – in fact I celebrate such rare moments. But I also become restless if my wife or daughter is “not reachable” or they dont pick up the call! Wonder what that is called? Would Nomopickphobia be apt for this?


  6. Gopi, if your wife or daughter does not take your call and you become restless, on normal parlance people say that you are “suspicious”! Of course, you will not be happy with such a commonplace label!


  7. Ha ha ha….there go Gopi and Vinod.Manju….to be honest mine is a love-hate relationship with that little obnoxious gadget.It is there all the time with me and is powered 24X7. Yet, i am at peace if it does not ring for a couple of hours….bliss.God Bless for soon we will be tracked and wifey can keep an eagle eye.Take heart – Gopi…you need not skip a beatif that happens.


  8. as always an interesting post…nvr heard of this type of phobia… im sure i dnt suffer from it… i in fact like to get rid of my mob. once in a while..too much connectivity is troublesome!


  9. I had never heard of this !! Interesting ! Indeed. Nomophobia !! When the phone sizes were much bigger, i was stressed that these could be used as a murder weapon ! Of sorts !! 🙂


  10. Well I guess I am one of those who thinks cell phones are God’s gift to mankind. ;)))) From the time they appeared on the scene for me, it has been very convenient. Leaving children at home did not stress me out so much (now stressing me out is not that easy… I just used that term! :P) I could always call them up to check if they had had food, remind them to feed the dog or give instructions on how long they should heat that dish in the microwave, play referee if there have been sibling fights, all from a distance and still feel connected. And another thing, whenever I am travelling on my own, I have the feeling that I am always connected and any problem I face can be conveyed and help requested. Children can call to say when they are delayed on the way or are late from study classes. And now I can talk easily to both my monkeys though they reside far from home. Any downside to the increase in mobile dependency and popularity I can adjust with as I feel the benefits I enjoy are more. Of course I detest those who do not switch off mobiles in places of worship, theatres, public meetings, libraries etc..Hmmm… though not a nomophobic as such, you can say I am close to it. I do not relish not being connected. I do feel anxious and cut off from those I want to keep in touch with 24x7Is there a name for those who have a similar feeling about the net going off?? 😉 If so I think I have that phobia as well!!


  11. Sahaja- I can understand that your mobile phone must make you feel connected to your family!Vinodji- Yes, people get addicted to every new technology!L.V.S.- Don’t people ask you why you don’t return their calls? :)Inder- Then why have a mobile phone.?


  12. Indyeah- It’s the first time I read this term- nomo-phobia- too, when I read about the study at the Indore Medical College.I did not like cell-phones much either at first, but they are useful for keeping in touch with family.Bones- Our lives have certainly changed- don’t know for better or worse!Gopinathji- My husband is just the same- he worries if I or the children are ‘not reachable’ but thinks that we should not worry if he is!


  13. Mavin- You should turn your phone off for a few hours when you are at home!Mandira- I agree, too much connectivity can get on our nerves!R.K.- Thank you!Kavi- Lol! A murder weapon! Good that mobile phones are very small nowadays.


  14. Solilo- Well, you are lucky then!Shail- Oh yes, these phones are a boon for mothers!Don’t know if there is a name for fear of going off the net, but we certainly get withdrawal symptoms if we cannot log on!Gopinathji- It seems very unlikely that Vinodji will not comment on your blog- at least I hope not, or then the rest of us will miss reading your interesting conversations!


  15. we did not have a phone ( landline ) at home till 1995. And i started using email almost the same time – i am much more uncomfortable if i do not have an – great when you land in a medical emergency or when stranded on a road and no landline in sight!


  16. Wow! That was something! Had no idea that they had a name for it! I am not yet a Nomophobic – but feel more secure if I have my cell with me 🙂 Guess it gives me that feeling of knowing that help is a click away – if I ever need it 🙂 And I never turn it off 😦 Guess I am almost nomophobhic :)But it certainly has changed lives – I cannot imagine the time, when we did not even have a landline phone – leave alone a mobile…


  17. Mobile phones still haven’t become as much a part of one’s life as it is in the US and Europe. Here it is still a tool to sms or talk. Personally I don’t panic. But if I am expecting a call or sms, then of course, I’m eager… to open the text msg or pick up the call. By the way, thanks for visiting my blog.


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