A Few Questions

Since I started blogging about six months ago, I have been reading only English-language blogs. I am interested in blogs with posts about social issues in India, and I would like to read some in Indian languages, too.
 The problem is that I do not know how to go about finding any. Does anyone know of blog-directories for blogs in Indian languages? Do any of my fellow bloggers read Indian language blogs as well as English ones?
 I would be able to read blogs in Marathi or Hindi, but not in other Indian languages. Could anyone tell me how to automatically translate blogposts in other Indian languages intoEnglish/ Marathi/Hindi? 
If I enable transliteration into the Devnagari script (for my blog) will others be able to read it in Devnagari?
I would be grateful for any help with this- thank you in advance.




  1. yes I was wondering about that too…let me just come back in a bit with all the links:)and I know of some Hindi ones that I read..but not about any directory as such..:(and no clue about the questions at the end:)(((hugs))love the new header pic:)which place is this?and did you take it?:)its beautiful!and gives one the feeling of vast open spaces:)


  2. Indyeah- The picture is of the sea near Dive-aagar in the Konkan region, here in Maharashtra. My son went there with his friends recently and took the photo then.Thanks for all the links- I’ll check them out soon.Kislay- Thanks for the link. I’ll check out the Indian language blogs soon.I often think that I must be missing out on some great blogs by reading only English ones.


  3. Manju, I can’t help you here. I read only English ones. But I have a suggestion. You can start another blog in which you post articles from blogs in other languages translated in English. That will give them a bigger readership and at the same time enrich those who read only English blogs with some authentic stuff written by people from different walks of life.


  4. Manju, While blog hopping I found some in Hindi and Malayalam. There is a directory of Malayalam bloggers but that you won’t be able to read. As for Hindi let me see. There is a website which is dedicated to women of India in Hindi too. I see Abhi has given some good links.


  5. Vinodji- Good suggestion! Issues relating to a particular area would probably be explained in a more comprehensive way,, by a blogger who lives in that area and who blogs in the local language.Gopinathji- Thank you for the links.I will be sure to let you know if I discover any interesting Marathi/ Hindi blogs.Solilo- No, Malayalam is not a language I can understand.:(Yes, Indyeah and the others have given quite a few links for me to start my ‘Indian Blog Search’!


  6. hey ya we do have regional language blogs…i know and read few but as u might expect its telugu…..i dont know any of marathi but i am sure u can def find some on desiblogs….if it doesnt work – my fav wud be go to google blogs and search for marathi blogs/ language blogs….gosh i am so dependent on google!


  7. R.K.- Thanks for the links.A blog in Sanskrit! Must check that out.Sahaja- Yes, Google has made searching for information easy! Thanks for the suggestion!


  8. Many languages in the world use a roman script. Kya aapko lagta hey ki Hindi bhi tees-chalis saal baad angrezi script mein likha jayega? Kya Hindi akshar die out ho jayenge is generation ke saath? Do you know that in the next few years a few hundred languages will die out in India alone?


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