The French investigators are calling it “The Case of the Magic Cheese“.
It seems that a French woman sold kits to make “magic cheese” for French beauty products, to thousands of people in Chile. She charged a hundred times the market value of these kits.
Gilberte Van Erpe, who was arrested and placed under investigation in France last year, is suspected of setting up a vast pyramid scheme, telling buyers the fermented mass produced by the kits could be sold to cosmetics companies in France. However, the product never made it to French cosmetics labs and most investors lost their money.
It appears that that Van Erpe had ran a similar scheme in Peru and then moved on to operate in Chile.
Le Parisien newspaper said Van Erpe made about 30 million euros from her swindling activities. It also said 5,000 Peruvians and 4,500 Chileans had filed lawsuits.
Wikipedia says that a Scam or a Confidence trick is an attempt to defraud a person or group by gaining their confidence.There have been many famous scams like the one described above.
The life of Frank William Abagnale, Jr., former cheque confidence trickster, forger, and impostor, provided the inspiration for the gripping movie- “Catch Me if You Can“.
 He has now mended his ways and is a security consultant in the U.S.
The Brooklyn Bridge in the U.S. has been ‘sold’ several times by con men.
George C. Parker was a conman in the U.S. a century ago. He “was also adept at ‘selling’ the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Statue of Liberty and Grant’s Tomb – produced impressive forged documents to prove that he was the bridge’s owner, then convinced his ‘buyers’ that they could make a fortune by controlling access to the roadway.”
The poor buyers tried to erect toll barriers, and often had to be evicted by the police.Selling Brooklyn bridge seems to have been a popular scam, and there were several subsequent attempts, too.
In India there was the Cobbler Scam. This was a multi-crore shoes scam perpetrated by Sohin Daya, son of a former Sheriff of Bombay. He and his fellow con men were arrested for creating several leather co-operative societies which did not exist.
They availed loans of crores of rupees on behalf of these fictitious societies. The scam was exposed in 1995. The accused created a fictitious cooperative society of cobblers to take advantage of government loans through various schemes.
Officials of several banks were also involved and subsequently charge sheeted.

I am sure that we can think of many more such scams- we are currently in the middle of the “Satyam” corporate scam.

As long as con men exist and there are gullible buyers – or shareholders- new scams will come into existence.

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