First of all I have to admit that this is a very short and uncharacteristic (for me) post. I do not mean to make a habit of this!

After reading Shail’s delightful poetic post on how we should blog, I found myself thinking about Internet etiquette.

Specifically about comments on a post.

Online discussions are often very interesting and I usually enjoy them. I am new to blogging, but not new to the Internet, and have been part of an online forum for a few years.

We have lively discussions on a variety of subjects. For the most part these discussions stay friendly without too many hurt feelings, because of a rule that we have. That is – Criticise the stated opinion but not the person stating it.

Following this rule generally leads to a healthy discussion where people are not afraid to say what they feel. Personally, I avoid posting a comment where I feel someone will verbally attack me and misquote my opinion.

Of course whoever “shouts” the loudest usually does succeed in having the last word. If increasing ‘TRP ratings’ is the desired result then that is the thing to do!