Mandira has been so kind as to give me the ‘Bloggers for World Peace’ award. Thank you very much, Mandira!

So I thought this should be the topic of my next post.

World Peace is a popular phrase these days. Every finalist at any beauty pageant declares that she believes in world peace. All the movie stars declare that they believe in world peace. But what exactly do they intend to do, to promote World Peace?

I think that World Peace, for such people, is a very convenient concept. Because a person does not actually have to do anything himself for it. Merely talking about it is sufficient.

But if we intend to actually work towards peace, then we have to consider a somewhat smaller context. There is a saying- “Think big but act small” In other words, our concepts can be universal, but when it comes to implementation of ideas, we have to work in a smaller area.

In case of peace, we should start by thinking how to maintain peace in our neighbourhood, in our city. In the present situation we should think about our country.

Should India go to war with Pakistan or not? Actually that is not the correct question. The question should be- if Pakistan forces a war upon us, are we prepared for it or not?

‘Live and let live’ is a desirable philosophy. No sane person actually wishes for war. We must try our best to avoid it. But if our adversary is spoiling for war, then we really have no choice whether to go to war or not. The only choice we have, is whether to go into war prepared, or to go blindfolded.

Even ordinary citizens should realize that if we want peace, then we have to be prepared for war. And we have to show Pakistan that we are prepared for war. Then only, will there be a chance of avoiding war.

If the general public insists on living in a fool’s paradise and not acknowledging reality- it has the luxury to do so. But our leaders do not. When our leaders show this same escapist mentality, then it becomes dangerous for our country.

How can peace be maintained by one party only? We can chant ‘Peace!’ until we are hoarse, but unless Pakistan also agrees, there can be no peace. And it will agree, only when it sees that we are prepared for war.

If a hare says to a lion- “I declare peace with you.”, what would be the result? Peace can be declared and sustained only by the stronger party, not by the weaker one. So if we truly want peace, we should become, and be seen to become, strong.

At this very moment I am watching the ‘breaking news’ on a news channel which declares that Pakistan is afraid of India. Pakistan will not initiate aggression.

If November 26, Mumbai, was not aggression, then what was it?



  1. ” If November 26 was not aggression then what was it?” Manju you have said it. I will modify it s bit: for “aggression” I will say “an act of war”. War has been upon us for a long time; only we have been pretending otherwise, in the fond hope that it will somehow go away. It hasn’t and it won’t. Peace is not always ensured by avoiding war. Often, as history has shown and will continue to show, you have to wage war to get peace. This nonsense that war does not solve any problem is the talk of the weak…unfortunately in India they are the ones who have the loudest voices and the last word. Pakistan is afraid of India? Really? Mumbai 11/26 was an expression of its quaking fear of India? Pakistan has been mocking at and us and will continue to do that and wage war till we react and hit it back. Peace sill happen only after that, if at all, not before.


  2. I have been grappling with the thoughts expressed in this post since the Mumbai. Then I asked myself this question:Should I be pissed with ManmohanSingh/Patil/Chindambaramor with Zardari and the gang.Well the answer turns out that I should be more pissed with Manmohan and the gang. Why? Because it is a known fact that the paki based terrorists are after our blood. For a while now they have been hurting us. I know these guys are preparing for their next strike even as we discuss all these things.Now what has my government done about it? Even basic things arent in place. Simple things that will help us fight terrorism arent in place. They have not done anything about the clear threat to my nation.And thinking logically while it would be good to strike at the terror camps, even our army commanders know that they cannot take out even 5% of them in any short term strike. And no one wants a long term war. That would take us back many many years. All this development we are seeing will vanish.I think it is possible for us to secure our coasts, our buildings, our air space, by being smart about the use of technology. We all know how brave our soldiers are and how brilliant our scientists are. But we need to tell our politicians to utilize these resources that we have to make sure no one can hurt us again.


  3. Manju, you make some great points ‘Should India go to war with Pakistan or not? Actually that is not the correct question. The question should be- if Pakistan forces a war upon us, are we prepared for it or not?’ So right! We really, really need to ‘hope for the best and prepare for the worst”If the general public insists on living in a fool’s paradise and not acknowledging reality- it has the luxury to do so. But our leaders do not. When our leaders show this same escapist mentality, then it becomes dangerous for our country.’ You are so right, we have to show our stength – that does not mean ‘war mongering’ but being prepared for any eventuality.. Great Post!


  4. Vinodji- I think you are right in saying that ‘war does not solve anything is the talk of the weak’.And as you say, in India they have the loudest voices and get the last word.I also think that those who are too lazy to think for themselves, find it easier to just echo their opinions.


  5. L. Venkata Subramaniam – I was very impressed with the posts you have written on your blog regarding technologicals solutions to improving our security measures.As you say, our politicians have not utilised the technological and human resources that we have available.


  6. Smitha- Yes,’hope for the best and prepare for the worst’- that is exactly what I am trying to say.An ostrich mentality will prove to be very costly for India.


  7. Wonderful post. Your post makes me think real hard. While the emotional me clamours for revenge and a ‘once and for all’ closure, there is another side, which asks me do more thinking. There seems to be this clamour for war ! War with the weapons kind. Well, we have all bled and our anger rages. I seek to ask, humbly, to what end !I know that going that route, will imply i get labelled as weak. That label isnt going to make me so. There are other forms of war that i would propose to fight them with. Our biggest powerhouse is not the weapons and guns. It is in our economy and basic tenets of democracy. IMHO, that is something that we should leverage. Strengthen our borders, straighten our political and bureacratic resolve and engage with them. Wage an economic war. Bring on the blockades. The man on the street over there, has to see meaning in the action we take..and that cannot be achieved with bullets.


  8. Kavi- Being able to see both sides of a problem certainly does not make you weak.But I think you should realize that, barring a few, no one wants war. The problem is that, even if we try other solutions, (economic sanctions, etc.) war may be forced upon us. In that eventuality, would it not be better to be prepared?


  9. For too long we have been seen as a soft state. We also perpetuate this image.We have to clean up our house. We do not have basics in place. There are gaping holes in our defence. Ten people on a fishing trawler can sneak through. This is extremely worrying as our western coast has many high value economic assets.What is even more disgusting is that all authorities had identified the coasts as vulnerable and yet we chose to sleep over it.Citing urgency we will once again override locally available solutions and land over priced lucrative contracts to firms in Israel and USA.


  10. True true…U have said it…I agree that war is not really the solution…but ya why go blindfolded when time comes…it would be sheer foolishness !! Caution is always good and in telugu we have a saying…”Manchitanam ki pothe chetha kani thanam anukunaru” which means ” Some one who was good enough was mistaken to be not capable of answering”Ya congrats on the award!


  11. Mavin- Very true, first we have to put our own house in order.It would be a pity if we gave lucrative contracts for putting defense solutions in place, to Israel or the US. There are, as you say, locally available solutions.Sahaja- Nice Telugu saying- we would not want to be underestimated when in reality, we are capable.Thank you. 🙂


  12. we do want peace but with dignity. what Pakistan has been doing since last few year’s or we can since its birth is hurting our self respect and mocking us because of our week leadership. War is a option for Us and will remain option nothing more…..


  13. Manju, war is not the solution, plugging the holes in our intelligence and security systems is the only way out. As long as our politicians indulge in vote bank politics and our bureaucrats are corrupt and selfish we will keep suffering. America wasn’t attacked after 9/11 because the security systems were put in order not because they attacked Iraq and Afghanistan.


  14. Prerna- of course I agree war is not the solution. And certainly we have to put security measures into place.I simply think that as the last resort, we have to be ready to defend ourselves.Suppose someone entered my house despite my having put locks on the doors and proceeded to attack me. Should I not defend myself?


  15. I expressed some similar thoughts in my last but one post . It is pro-vogue to talk about “World Peace” . But where do you start ? And at what cost ?


  16. Kislay- It is a step in the right direction that people are now questioning the ‘established’ opinions. I feel we should think for ourselves and not be afraid of the truth.


  17. In todays world the one who asks for peace is viewed as being weak.And post Nov26 if our leaders have atleast the least concern then we should go ahead with preparations.Few days back, The Indian Express had news about the IAF having old equipments and one about the arms and amunition recovered from the terrorists being sent to the Forensic Dept after 1month!!We as citizens and tax payers would really like to know the reasons which took so them long to make a decision!!I also heard that the bullet proof jackets (‘chilkhats’) which the army has are outdated and do not resist new age bullets!!


  18. Also there was news about a person who tried to test the metal detectors at CST after the attack.He passed it with a gun and it failed to detect!!No wonder the terrorists had a cake walk!!I feel angry, ashamed and insecure that the country which outsources its intelligence to the world still lacks in equipment required to secure it!!


  19. Peppy- Yes, there is need to ‘put our house in order’.We have to use the modern technologies that are available and ensure that we are ready foor any eventuality.


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