Mandira has been so kind as to give me the ‘Bloggers for World Peace’ award. Thank you very much, Mandira!

So I thought this should be the topic of my next post.

World Peace is a popular phrase these days. Every finalist at any beauty pageant declares that she believes in world peace. All the movie stars declare that they believe in world peace. But what exactly do they intend to do, to promote World Peace?

I think that World Peace, for such people, is a very convenient concept. Because a person does not actually have to do anything himself for it. Merely talking about it is sufficient.

But if we intend to actually work towards peace, then we have to consider a somewhat smaller context. There is a saying- “Think big but act small” In other words, our concepts can be universal, but when it comes to implementation of ideas, we have to work in a smaller area.

In case of peace, we should start by thinking how to maintain peace in our neighbourhood, in our city. In the present situation we should think about our country.

Should India go to war with Pakistan or not? Actually that is not the correct question. The question should be- if Pakistan forces a war upon us, are we prepared for it or not?

‘Live and let live’ is a desirable philosophy. No sane person actually wishes for war. We must try our best to avoid it. But if our adversary is spoiling for war, then we really have no choice whether to go to war or not. The only choice we have, is whether to go into war prepared, or to go blindfolded.

Even ordinary citizens should realize that if we want peace, then we have to be prepared for war. And we have to show Pakistan that we are prepared for war. Then only, will there be a chance of avoiding war.

If the general public insists on living in a fool’s paradise and not acknowledging reality- it has the luxury to do so. But our leaders do not. When our leaders show this same escapist mentality, then it becomes dangerous for our country.

How can peace be maintained by one party only? We can chant ‘Peace!’ until we are hoarse, but unless Pakistan also agrees, there can be no peace. And it will agree, only when it sees that we are prepared for war.

If a hare says to a lion- “I declare peace with you.”, what would be the result? Peace can be declared and sustained only by the stronger party, not by the weaker one. So if we truly want peace, we should become, and be seen to become, strong.

At this very moment I am watching the ‘breaking news’ on a news channel which declares that Pakistan is afraid of India. Pakistan will not initiate aggression.

If November 26, Mumbai, was not aggression, then what was it?