Curse of Amnesia

We would do well to examine how the United States acts when its own interests are affected. This morning suspected U.S. missiles hit targets in Pakistani tribal areas near the border with Afghanistan, killing at least seven people.

The US military stationed in Afghanistan has made no comment on this. But the United States is the only country operating in the region known to have the capability to launch missiles from drones.

Compare this with India’s position regarding Pakistan. India today made plain its displeasure with the US and UK for not doing enough to get Pakistan to fulfill its promise to take action against the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks “saying that it would be forced to disregard the call for restraint if Islamabad was not made to behave”.

Why on earth should we care for a US call for restraint when the US is not showing any restraint when their own interests are at stake?

Meanwhile the Pakistani air force has conducted an operation, causing delay to two civilian flights in the eastern city of Lahore, said Muhammad Latif, a spokesman for Pakistan International Airlines. A Pakistani air force spokesman would only say the air force had “enhanced its vigilance” in view of the situation.

Gilani said Pakistan’s desire for peaceful coexistence should not be taken as weakness.

“However, if war is imposed upon us the whole nation would be united and the armed forces are fully capable of safeguarding and defending the territorial integrity,” Gilani’s office quoted him as telling Pakistan’s high commissioner to India.

India is imposing war upon Pakistan???

What will be India’s next step?

Will we continue to beg for support from western nations who are in no mood to oblige?

Have we no self-confidence or self-respect at all?

Is India destined to stay forever like Hanuman who forgot his own strength? When will a Jambuvantha appear who will remind this Hanuman about his own prowess? Who will dispel this curse of amnesia which has affected our country?



  1. This “running to mommy” syndrome, as Arun Shourie described India’s expectation that the US would do its job is born out of the simple fact that India is militarily not strong enough to unilaterally impose its will on Pakistan. This bleating is a result of decades of neglect in this direction, because our politicians and bureaucrats have no idea about what is needed to meet the security challenge that Pakistan has unleashed.Gilani knows very well that Pakistan launched an undeclared war on India decades ago. As its reactions after 11/26 show, it is totally united in denying that those 10 guys were Pakistanis and in sheltering their known handlers and masterminds, despite the UN ban on JuD. This “we are victims of terror” story is just a smoke screen to fool India and the world.Self confidence and self respect come with a back up of might…Nehru taught us exactly the opposite and we are still following his template. Hanuman was always powerful. He had only forgotten his power. India has forgotten to become powerful. It has to remember that first. Only than can the strength be built.


  2. War is never declared after warning the enemy so many times. everyday the External Affairs Minister keeps repeating that all options are open. It was foolish tp up the ante in the first place and now if we do not have the political will to fight, we are like the proverbial “Dogs who bark seldom bite”Secondly, war is not a light matter. There has to be very serious planning and if it prolongs to a month or so we could be seriously handicapped by shortage of many essential commodities like crude oilThird, this war has to be a fight to the finish.Fourthly, the immense cost is going to set the clock back for us by ten years.We have to be very very careful before going ahead.


  3. Vinodji- I do not want to believe that India is not powerful enough to confront Pakistan, but I suppose you are right.Turning the other cheek towards your enemy when you are not strong enough to do anything else, is not non- violence, it is cowardice. When will we realize this?Mavin- Yes, you have put forward some very valid points.Confronting Pakistan does not have to mean war, though.There are many diplomatic ways available first.But I feel we have to face Pakistan directly ourselves, not through other nations like the US.


  4. Mavin- Forgot to say- :)’It was foolish to up the ante in the first place and now if we do not have the political will to fight, we are like the proverbial “Dogs who bark seldom bite”‘This is so true.Seems we went to the last step bypassing the others, and now find ourselves in a fix.


  5. Manju I agree with Mavin here. War should be the last option. Both the countries are Nuclear powers.War won’t be a quick, short war, if it happens it will drag. It is difficult for us to have peace unless Pakistan also stabilizes. Whenever they wish to distract their populace from internal problems they will create problems for us.Unfortunately, we are all connected.


  6. IHM- Oh, I agree too, that war should be the last option.But it does not seem that we are trying to explore any options other than trying to persuade western nations to mediate with Pakistan for us.And also- only a strong nation can be non-violent with honour, in the case of a weak nation it is cowardice.


  7. Manju, Yes, It is really sad to see how we literally go with a begging bowl for the US’ approval! I think Vinod is right when he says that ‘India has forgotten to become powerful’. We have to show that we mean business as well – I donot mean that we need to go to war at the smallest instigation – but we need to do what we need to be powerful. And we have to be united as Vinod mentions!And I totally agree with you that we need to approach Pakistan on our own steam andnot rely on the US and the UK to do the hard talking for us – this is our problem after all! Loved your post!


  8. Smitha- Yes, this is certainly our problem and we will have to face it.Actually the Foreign Minister, Pranav Mukherji said much the same thing today. 🙂


  9. Ohh Dear O dear! Is war the answer to this Manju?Do we have to fight to prove that we have self respect 😦 may be its true….but it doesnt seem right to me!! even if its true i pray that thats last resort and things should not drag too far…and abt US/UK….I dont knw abt US but India and many other colonies still have the effect of UK being parent and its an oblivious reaction to wait for parents to help out the fast growing child!


  10. lovelysunrise-Sahaja- I agree, most definitely war should be the last option! :)We can think of sanctions- stop trade between J & K and Pakistan, send Pakistani consulate employees back, severe cultural exchange programmes, etc.But we are only begging western nations. Re: UK- our attitude must change.Re: US- they will do anything to ensure Pakistan does not withdraw troops from Afghanistan. Why will they act in our interest?


  11. L. Venkata Subramaniam- Welcome to the blog.:)I agree with you re: the media. Unfortunately the general public forms its opinions based on what they read in the press.Yes, we should learn to secure ourselves, whether we have to put the capacity to actual use or not.


  12. Manju,All we have to show is that we mean business. Our mistake is that we don’t value the life of an Indian citizen, which leads us to forget terror attacks on our territory as soon as they happen. When the citizens themselves are unconcerned, can we blame the establishment if it doesn’t seriously tackle this issue? Once we start getting serious, everything will slowly start falling in place. Slowly, but surely.Jambuvantha in our case will (unwittingly and unwillingly) be an enemy called Pakistan. No one else can spur us into action like that country can. Heh.


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