I shall start this post with a story .

Lord Brahma, the Creator, had formed all the inanimate and living things on earth. Including the greedy caterpillar. The caterpillar started to eat everything that was in Lord Brahma’s garden. The caterpillar ate his way through the green leaves, through the colourful flowers. The garden became bare and colourless.

Lord Brahma was very angry to find that the caterpillar had become fat while his garden had withered. So he put a curse on the caterpillar, condemning him to become an immobile pupa. Shocked by Lord Brahma’s curse, the caterpillar realised the error of his ways and begged for mercy.

Seeing that the caterpillar was truly repentant, Lord Brahma decreed, ” You shall become a pupa, but after some time, emerge from your cocoon as a lovely butterfly.”

This story seems to fit the present situation in India. Selfishness is everywhere. We just take what we want in our greed, without thinking about what this attitude is doing to our beloved garden. This past week we have seen examples of despicable greed and hypocrisy by politicians. By Govt. officials and the general public, too.

But we have also seen examples of exemplary courage by our police and defence personnel. Ordinary citizens are rising above petty differences and becoming more aware. So we have reason to be hopeful about our country. If we all work together, we will definitely see the emergence of a wonderful butterfly from the cocoon of the caterpillar.

And why am I thinking today of caterpillars and butterflies?

Because I (among others) have been conferred the Butterfly Award by Shail. Thank you very much, Shail! Though I am not worthy of this award.

As per instructions, I can display the logo on my blog page.

I can confer this honour on those I think deserving.

Those receiving it can do the same, too, mentioning who you got it from (that is, me).

So I am pleased to confer this award on Mandira and Mavin.

Both of these blogger friends of mine have so much empathy for others. This is a rare quality in today’s self centered world.

Mandira shows a regard for others uncommon in one so young.

And Mavin is determined to do something constructive in the current situation- I am sure he will.