Where Does My Responsibility Lie?

For the past few days while the terror situation was going on here in Mumbai, and now after it has been resolved, we have been hearing all sorts of opinions.

Everyone has an opinion on every aspect of this drama. On how it could have been averted. On who was responsible. On why it took place. On the role of local people. On the role of foreign nationals.

There are as many views as there are people and this has resulted in a lot of confusion.

I think that instead of speculating on these aspects, there is just one question that each one of us needs to ask our self. And that is- where does my responsibility lie?

My answer, and I hope the answer of each of us, to this, is-My responsibility is to my country and to my countrymen.

Many people feel sympathy for the terrorists because they are just young boys. I feel sorry for them, too. But that does not mean that I can forgive them.

Because they have killed my countrymen.

People have been saying that since some Muslims in India feel that they are being discriminated against, it is understandable that they may help the terrorists.

I simply cannot understand this argument. If there are injustices being done, then we must correct them.

But this cannot be a justification for betraying my country. Any real or perceived injustice or inequality does not give me the right to allow terrorists to store RDX in my shop. It does not give me the right to rent out my flat to terrorists.

Many people are concerned about what America will think if we accuse Pakistan of having a hand in the attacks. But that does not concern us, because our responsibility is to our country.

Politicians are concerned that the relationship between India and Pakistan will be soured. But we should not care about that. We are responsible only to India and Indians.

My responsibility is to my country and to my countrymen. But who are my countrymen?

Whoever are loyal to India are my countrymen. That is the only criteria that I accept. Religion, community, class, caste, nothing else is to be considered. Loyalty to India is the only important thing.

Once we realize this responsibility of ours, there will be no more confusion. My loyalty is to my country and my countrymen.

This is not the time to keep on nursing past grievances. This is the time to show our enemies that we are united against them. That we love our country above all. And that we are ready to make any sacrifice for our country.

Once we accept this, we will be prepared to sacrifice our selfish gains for the greater good of our country, and rise above petty quarrels and differences and politics.

And then India will become so powerful that no terrorist will dare to attack us.



  1. nice post manju. i agree to you when u say our responsibility lies towards our country and our countrymen. i think over the years we have become very selfish as a nation- everyone wants to do for himself, not for the society or nation. if it benefits me , its ok even if it harms others or my country. i think ppl were more loyal towards the country during a few generations back..


  2. Mandira- I am reminded of John F. Kennedy’s famous statement- “Ask not what your country can do for you- ask what you can do for your country” Sometimes we are so busy demanding our rights that we forget our duties. And our most important duty is to our country.


  3. Yes, we have forgotten some of these very basic rules. We also need the political will to implement. We also need some of the most basic corruption to be weeded out.How did the weapons reach the country? Because some official somewhere took a bribe because he thought it was ‘regular’ smuggling?You cannot have a safe environment unless all the gaps are plugged. And that needs governance. We need someone that can lead, can govern. And understand that, certain things are non negotiable.


  4. Does it matter- Yes, we do need someone who can lead, who can govern the country.But some responsibility lies with us also. We should act in a way that benefits not just us personally, but our country, too.


  5. Very nice. Those questions in bold are ultimate posers that should be slapped on the face of every Indian who dares to forget Mumbai 26/11.But your post has opened up a new thought – there is NO real loyalty to the country.People use the concept of INDIA to promote themselves. The Barkha Dutts, the Rajdeeps, the Modis, the Advanis of the country.And when it comes to showing loyalty, they take their hands up from it.


  6. There certainly seems to be very little patriotism or loyalty in the actions of our politicians, no matter which party they belong to. Elections are to be held in a few months, and they are all trying to get political mileage out of this tragic event.News channel anchors are just as bad. They just go on and on about how they obtained the “breaking news”.However, this terror attack has made people sit up and become aware of the danger that our country is facing. We cannot ignore the situation any longer. And hopefully that will result in the ‘common man’ making our politicians and officials accountable.


  7. Excellent Post….Our loyalty is to India. There is not an iota of doubt on that.If you ponder on what all has gone wrong – a large part of the urban population has strayed far away from their roots and gravitated to to the Western way of life (read American).The tragedy is we never picked up the good points just blindly aped them whilst trashing ours. Unfortunately, this disease afflicts the elite, opinion makers and those who control power.Do you notice that we do not feel the passion and bonding with our own country……I am quite perplexed.


  8. Mavin, I think we become so engrossed in our everyday lives that we forget there is also a rural or less privileged India. Or that we have any connection with it.This tragedy has brought people from all walks of life together. It is a time for action, but also a time for introspection, I think.


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