Fork in the Road

So now we have come to a fork in the road.

The path we choose will determine the future of our nation.

If we are attacked by an evil person, we have two choices-
to run and hide, or to stay and fight.

Our choice will depend upon how strong we are.

The weak and cowardly prefer peace, even at the cost of their principles.

The strong do not.

An uneasy peace born of fear is not peace at all.

Future generations will judge us by what we do now.

Will we let the malignancies in our society grow unrestricted? Or will we have the courage to weed them out?

It is up to us to decide which course to take.

Let us not remain like sheep- bleating out the tunes we are taught.

Let us rather think for ourselves. See for ourselves. And recognise the truth when we see it.

Recognise the truth and act upon it.

Let us be strong so that our children may grow up in a nation free from fear.



  1. Manju, your words are brave and frightening at the same time.I am praying for peace, but not, as you have written, peace at any price. I pray for a strong and uncompromising peace, in India and in the world.


  2. Marie- What is happening in India may- rather, does- happen in other countries also. It is necessary for us all to come together to combat these terrorists. I am confident that we will be able to do so.


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