I just got home from the bank. Usually there is a long queue there. Not today, though. Almost no one was there. Why?
” Oh, because of Raj Thackeray.” I was informed. “Nobody wants to take the risk of going out of their homes.”

Raj Thackeray is being taken to the Courthouse at Bandra. I do not live at Bandra. But every store in my area has downed its shutters. Even the vegetable and fruit sellers have hidden their carts under jute cloths, lest supporters of Raj Thackeray think that they are defying the ban.

Raj Thackeray and his goons have brought the activity of Mumbai to a standstill. And all for the ‘Marathi Manoos‘. When I listen to his speeches on the television or read them in the newspapers, I am ashamed of being a Maharashtrian.

Have we come down to such a low level that we do not think of ourselves as Indians anymore? Only as Maharashtrian or Biharis or Kanadis?

We rue the fact that we cannot go and live in Kashmir or buy property or get a job in Kashmir, even though it is a part of our country. But we do not realize that people like Raj Thackeray are trying to bring this same situation to every state in India.

The economic slowdown means hardship for many people. Jobs are scarce and people are desperate. But fighting against one another will not enable us to find a way out of this situation. Raj and the goons of the MNS are taking advantage of the common man’s desperation to find a job. For many years the Shiv Sena regularly held Mumbai to ransom. Now Raj Thackeray is doing the same thing.

We Indians are very fond of shrugging off responsibility. It is the Government that should do something. Or the Police. Or maybe some prominent leader. But never us.

Let us not slip into this type of mentality now. Because now is the time for the common man to protest against this Goonda raj. We will surely regret it in the future if we keep silent today.