Something Different

Yesterday I went to a cloth store to buy a dupatta. My aunt had given me a lovely sky-blue salwar-kudta and I wanted a matching dupatta to go with it.
“I want a blue dupatta to match this , please.” I told the salesman.
“Here, a red one will look very nice.” He said as he handed me one. ” It will be something different. Jara hat ke, you know.”

There was that phrase again, Jara hat ke– a bit different. I hear it everywhere, it seems. Everything has to be different. It is the new Mantra- similar is bad. Different is good.
Everyone wears matching clothes. That is so old-fashioned. Wearing mismatched clothes is the new style. It is different. Though it does seem that nowadays everyone is different in the exact same way!

To be different is all the rage now, it seems. Last week I was buying a set of coffee mugs. The shopkeeper showed me some square- shaped ones. I told him that I wanted round ones.
“Round ones are out-of-date now, Bhabhiji, you should buy these.” he advised.
I explained that since square ones were difficult to clean, I didn’t want to buy them.
“But they are something different. You should buy them.” he persisted.

It turned out that there were no round mugs in stock at the time. Square mugs were the only ones that they had, but they were still “something different”! Since I had no choice, I had to buy them.

Last week, Sunday evening, we went out to dinner. At the restaurant, a group of youngsters sitting at the next table were celebrating a birthday. “Everyone celebrates their birthdays in restaurants nowadays,” my children informed me. “It’s a bit different from the usual, you know. Celebrating birthdays at home is so ordinary!”

I wanted to point out that it couldn’t be different if everyone did it. But no one would have agreed with me.

I know when I cannot win an argument. So I judiciously said nothing!



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