The Shadow of Terror

Saturday’s bomb blasts have brought us face to face with terror once again.

Terror compels us to view everything and everyone with suspicion.

We secretly scrutinise our neighbour’s guests. We become scared to talk to the young man who recently moved into the flat downstairs.

Terror causes everyday, ordinary objects to inspire fear. The day after the blasts people emptied garbage cans in the streets of Delhi to make sure there were no bombs still remaining inside them.

Terror curtails our freedom and stunts our lives. We hesitate to venture out of the security of our homes.

But on Sunday, a day after the blasts, Indians did not stay holed up in their homes. It was the last day of the Ganapati festival. Devotees of Lord Ganesha came out in large numbers to witness the immersion of their favourite deity. They put their fears aside and did not let the terror disrupt the annual celebrations.

There is still hope.



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