Socrates: ‘The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.’

The Shataktraya is an amazing work of Sanskrit poetry, comprising three collections of about 100 stanzas each. These verses are said to have been written by Bhartrihari.
 Not much is known about Bhartrihari, though. He may have been the Buddhist grammarian mentioned by the Chinese pilgrim Yijing. Or he may have been a scholar living at an entirely different time. 
In the  Nitishatakam, one of  the three collections in the Shataktraya, Bhartrihari deals with a variety of subjects such as duty of rulers, education, social relationships, etc. He has given advice in these verses which we may find relevant even today.
In one verse, Bhartrihari says- 
यदा किंचिज़्ज्ञोSहं द्विप इव  मदांधः समभवं
तदा सर्वज्ञोSस्मीत्यभवदवलिप्तं मम मनः |
यदा किंचित्किंचिद्बुधजनसकाशादवगतं
तदा मूर्खोSस्मीति ज्वर इव मदोमे व्यपगतः ||
When I had just a small amount of knowledge (यदा किंचिज़्ज्ञोSहं), I became intoxicated (with excess pride) like a maddened elephant (द्विप इव मदांधः समभवं ).  At that time (तदा) I thought that I was omniscient (सर्वज्ञोSस्मीत्यभवदवलिप्तं मम मनः).
But when I began to learn from a wise person (यदा किंचित्किंचिद्बुधजनसकाशादवगतं ), then I realized that I was actually ignorance (तदा मूर्खोSस्मीति), and my pride left me, as if it were a fever which had suddenly come down(ज्वर इव मदोमे व्यपगतः).
If a little knowledge makes a person intoxicated, perhaps that explains why people with limited knowledge often shout to put their point across!
 We notice examples of this frequently. Nowadays there are discussions on current subjects on the television news channels, almost every evening.
Often the panelists have not much knowledge of the subject of discussion. Paradoxically those seem to be the ones who talk in the loudest tones! Many times they do not let other panelists even speak!
The funny thing is that these people with the loudest voices are those we get to see (and hear) the most times on these discussions.
One hopes that they will soon acquire more wisdom from some learned person and lower their voices!

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