अञ्जलिस्थानि पुष्पाणि वासयन्ति करद्वयम् l
अहो सुमनसां वृत्तिर्वामदक्षिणयोः समा ll

The flowers (पुष्पाणि) held in the joined palms of one’s hands (अञ्जलिस्थानि) perfume (वासयन्ति) both hands ( करद्वयम्) (equally).

The attitude ( वृतिः) of good-hearted persons (सुमनसां) is the same (समा) towards both the right and the left (वामदक्षिणयोः)

When fragrant flowers are held in the anjali (joined palms of one’s hands), they do not discriminate between the two hands. They do not give their fragrance to one hand and deny it to the other.

The same attitude – that of behaving in the same manner towards all –  is shown by good persons.

 The word सुमन has two meanings. One is ‘flower’ and the other is ‘one whose mind is good’- in other words, a good person.

In earlier times people evidently gave importance to the principle of non-discrimination. In current times however, we find that it is seldom valued.

We expect the government to be impartial, but in reality we find that it is rarely so. Partiality and favouritism are rampant. Nepotism is everywhere.

Not only is does the government discriminate in practice, but it does so even in principle- reservations, quotas are here to stay. The government has made them permanent features- in political representation, in education, in employment opportunities.

Discrimination is everywhere- though the law is the same for everyone in theory- in reality there is one justice for the poor and another type of justice for the rich and influential.

If we consider the present day media- we find that in most cases the media does not know the meaning of the word impartial. Most of the newspapers and television channels try to please the political party in power by putting forward the news from its viewpoint. Anything the ruling party does is good and anything that the opposition does is bad. The media shamelessly gives the unsuspecting public biased and distorted news.

They say that we should take the time to smell the flowers- perhaps it would be even better if we learned to emulate them!