संस्कृता वाण्येका समलङ्करोति


केयूरा न विभूषयन्ति पुरुषं हारा न चन्द्रोज्ज्वला l
न स्नानं न विलेपनं न कुसुमं नालङ्कृता मूर्धजाः l
वाण्येका समलङ्करोति पुरुषं या संस्कृता धार्यते l
क्षीयन्ते खलु भूषणानि सततं वाग्भूषणं भूषणम् ll

Not ornaments like the Keyur ( worn on the upper arm) (न केयूराः), not garlands (न हाराः) as bright as the moon (चन्द्रोज्ज्वला), not bathing (न स्नानं), anointing (न विलेपनं), flower(s) (न कुसुमं), nor hair(style) (मूर्धजाः) (really) decorate a person.

Only the refined speech (वाण्येका संस्कृता) which a person adopts (धार्यते) adorns (समलङ्करोति) him.

(Ordinary) ornaments (भूषणानि) wear out (क्षीयन्ते), but the ornament of speech (वाग्भूषणं) remains forever (सततं).

Ordinary ornaments may adorn a person temporarily. But a person is not admired and remembered just for his/her external appearance.

Cultured or refined speech is an ornament which is far more effective. The inner beauty of a person is revealed through their speech.

One remembers this Subhaashit while listening to the shrill voices of the programme anchors and newscasters on the television news channels. Their English  may be flawless. Their appearance may be perfectly professional. Their ‘sensational’ style of reporting may gain them Padma awards.

But I think that a more refined manner of reporting would be more effective in making viewers accept what they are saying, and endear them to their viewers.



  1. Great words of wisdom, words that they have manifestly never heard, words that their folks forgot to teach them!

    Surprisingly, even before I reached the para where you spoke about the shrill anchors, exactly the same thought had entered my mind!

    Who will teach them? Or may be it is better they continue the way there are and create revulsion among more and more people about the crap they are trying to peddle in so obnoxious a manner.


  2. Very beautiful Subhaashit, Manju and very apt for the present times!

    I hate to watch news channels, esp. Aaj Tak, Zee news and manyother channels, because of the high pitch, sensational-making reports of unimportant news! They just don’t bother about the reaction to their reporting of the so-called ‘sensational, breaking news’ and they forget that they are not reporting for the radio audience but TV audience who can ‘see’ the happenings – words are not needed to ‘explain’ things in a sensational/high pitch tone.


    1. Very true, Sandhya- even when video clips of the happenings are shown, the newscasters describe them needlessly in high- pitched tones. Like you say, frequently viewers avoid the newschannels because of their manner of reporting.


  3. This used to be on All India Radio, recited beautifully as a song before the Sanskrit lesson. Later on, I studied this in Sanskrit class and memorized it. A friend of mine makes me recite this from time to time. Feels good to see a post on this.


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