वक्तारो दर्दुरा यत्र तत्र मौनं हि शोभनम्|

The past few days have seen some astonishing happenings in the Indian political sphere.

The Hasan Ali Khan tax evasion case for one.

Then yesterday there was the Prime Minister’s statement that he had not ‘authorised anyone’ to purchase votes for the Trust Vote.

Today we read that a Rajya Sabha constituted panel has slapped 16 charges of corruption against the CJ of the Sikkim HC, Justice P D Dinkaran.

One begins to wonder whether everyone in Indian public life is crooked. Is there no one left who has any principles? Granted that such conscientious people are necessarily rare.

शैले शैले न माणिक्यं मौक्तिकं न गजे गजे  |
साधवो न हि सर्वत्र चन्दनं न वने वने || 
A jewel (माणिक्यं) cannot (न) (be found) on every mountain  (शैले शैले), nor (न) a pearl (मौक्तिकं) in (the temple of) every elephant (गजे गजे). Sandalwood ( चन्दनं) will not (न)(be found) in every forest (वने वने). (Similarly), saintly people (साधवो) cannot  (न)  (be found) everywhere (सर्वत्र).
But have good people really become so rare in public life in our country?  Are there no सज्जनाः left at all? Or do they feel that it is useless to speak out in an atmosphere where probity is not valued?
भो भद्र कृतं मौनं कोकिलैर्जलदागमे |
वक्तारो दर्दुरा यत्र  तत्र  मौनं हि शोभनम् ||
It is befitting  (भो भद्र ) that the (sweet-voiced) cuckoo birds (कोकिलैः) observe silence (कृतं मौनं)  at the start of the rainy season (जलदागमे). Where (यत्र) frogs (दर्दुराः) are the speakers (वक्तारः), it is best to be silent (मौनं हि शोभनम्).
One hopes that they will not remain silent for long, though.  Otherwise our future is definitely doomed.


  1. Thoughts expressed truly reflect the political scenario. However the truth is that the same is applicable to the silent majority.


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