||तस्मादपि सुभाषितम्||

Sanskrit is regarded as a language which has little relevance today. It is also regarded as a complex language, hard to understand.

But by viewing Sanskrit in this way, we are depriving ourselves of a wonderful part of our cultural heritage.

In reality, Sanskrit literature has many facets. It can be difficult to understand, its grammar can be complicated, but it can also be fun!

Sanskrit Subhaashits ( सुभाषितानि) or ‘wise sayings’, fall into this last category.

Subhaashits are not only ‘fun’ but they are also what is called imperishable -‘Akshar’ ( अक्षर ) – literature, since they deal with various aspects of human nature which is pretty much the same in any age. Thus they were relevant not only in the time when they were written, but remain relevant, even today.

भाषासु मुख्या मधुरा दिव्या गीर्वाणभारती l

तस्माद्धि काव्यं मधुरं तस्मादपि सुभाषितम् ll

Of all the languages (भाषासु ) , the most important (मुख्या ) and sweetest (मधुरा ) of all languages is the divine (दिव्या ) language of the Gods (Sanskrit). Even sweeter than the Sanskrit language is its poetry (काव्यं ) and sweeter than all the other poetry is the Subhaashit ( सुभाषितम् ).

1.   स्वयमेव मृगेन्द्रता l

2.   Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.

3.   मृदङ्गो मुखलेपेन करोति मधुरध्वनिम् l

4.   Live In The Moment

5.   The Fearless Lion Cubs

6.   Learning, wealth and strength

7.   A Zero Can Not Stand Alone

8.   कृशे कस्यास्ति सौहृदम् l

9.   Emulate the Flowers

10. Square Pegs in Round Holes

11. संस्कृता वाण्येका समलङ्करोति l

12. Optimum Blend of the Old and the New

13. वक्तारो दर्दुरा यत्र तत्र मौनं हि शोभनम् |

14. Socrates: ‘The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.’

15. Do We Want a Fish Eat Fish Society?

16. उद्यमेन हि सिध्यन्ति कार्याणि न मनोरथैः l

17.  अहो रूपं अहो ध्वनिः |




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