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Evolution [Part II]


Around a million years ago [give or take a few hundred thousand], our ancestors, the first humans, walked this earth. Continue reading

Knowledge Is That Which Liberates





“सा विद्या या विमुक्तये|” –

Most of us have heard this quote at some time or the other. This is the motto of quite a few educational institutions in India. The complete verse, which is from the Vishnu Puran, is as follows-

तत् कर्म यत् न बन्धाय सा विद्या या विमुक्तये|

आयासाय अपरं कर्म विद्या अन्या शिल्पनैपुणम्||

That action [कर्म] which does not bind the soul is the true action. That knowledge [विद्या] which liberates is true knowledge.

All other actions are just hardships, and all other forms of knowledge are mere artistic skills or craftsmanship! Continue reading

Truth, Falsehood, and In Between





As a child, I loved the story of Pinocchio, the little wooden puppet who dreamed of becoming a real boy some day. He had an unusual trait- whenever he told a lie, his nose would begin to grow!

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Shastra Poojan





Tomorrow is Vijayadashami, [also called Dasara/ Dussehra]. Of the many legends associated wih this festival, the one about the Pandavas hiding their weapons in a hollow in the Shami tree, is one of my favourites.

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Crime Against Women or Political Conspiracy?

Why are rapes taking place in Haryana with such alarming frequency??

According to the Haryana State Congress chief Phool Chand Mulana, the rape of 11 women in the last one month (is) a “conspiracy to malign the government.”

“Such incidents happened earlier also, we condemn them …but no accused has been protected and all the culprits have been extended… I can say that this could be a conspiracy.” Continue reading

How Much is Enough?



“You can never have enough” seems to be what everyone thinks nowadays.

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To Speak or Not to Speak

They say that Speech is silver, but silence is golden.

Silence, or perhaps we should say discretion, is better than speaking eloquently. When in doubt of what to say, in many cases, it’s better not to say anything at all.  Talking can land us in a lot of trouble.

This Sanskrit subhaashit tells us-

 आत्मनो मुखदोषेण बध्यन्ते शुकसारिकाः |
बकास्तत्र न बध्यन्ते मौनं सर्वार्थसाधनम् ||

Talking birds like the parrot and the myna, are caught and imprisoned in cages. However no one puts  a crane [who does not/cannot speak] in a cage. [The moral is that] silence is the means to get whatever one wants. Continue reading

Removing the Thorns

Sant Tukaram , a 17th century spiritual poet of the Varkari tradition in Maharashtra, declared

 “दया तिचे नाव भूतांचे पालन, आणिक निर्दालन कण्टकांचे|”

Compassion (दया) means protecting all creatures, sustaining them (भूतांचे पालन).

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Everyday Things

lettersfruitsMillionaires, Presidents, even Kings

Can’t get along without everyday  things…

  ….so goes this poem that I learnt at school- perhaps in the 3rd or 4th standard. Continue reading

The 24 Gurus of Dattatreya

I first heard the story of Dattatreya’s twenty-four Gurus many years ago. It is an interesting story and goes something like this-

A great king was travelling through a forest along with his large retinue. He came across the young Dattatreya, an Avadhuta. The king saw that Dattatreya was radiant with an inner joy, and realized that this was no ordinary ascetic.

The king began to converse with Dattatreya, and asked him who his Guru was. Dattatreya told the king that he had twenty-four Gurus, and proceeded to explain. Continue reading